Newbie, strange stomach sensations....

Hi, great site and love the community feeling here… A quick question, transitioning to high raw but keep feeling a sort of ‘bubble’feeling in my stomach after eating raw. Not a gassy feeling sort of, tense? Sorry if I am a bit vauge, trying to explain the best I can.

I certainly am not feeling cooked full, like I am used to but I think I am eating enough not to be hungry…is this normal? Don’t particularly like it and hope it is just a phase..

Thanks in advance,



  • Same thing happened to me when I went raw. I felt bloated all the time no matter what I ate. I think it was because my body was adjusting to the extreme nutrition levels of raw food and wanted to get it all in. It went away after a week or two. Stick with it. I rarely get bloated now, only if I eat a bunch of dried fruit or nuts.


  • Thanks James, reassuring to know it is to be expected. Will persist with it, and keep adding more raw as I go. Think I might up the water too…can’t hurt!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I read somewhere that eating cooked food paralyses the stomach, which is meant to have a natural contractiong and relaxation thing going on called peristalsis…So when you eat raw it wakes up and kick starts the intestine’s peristalsis (movement). Maybe it is this kind of thing that is making your tummy feel weird.

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