"fast food"

I’m just wondering what could I take to work, which is quick to eat without making a mess and doesn’t look ‘strange’ for other people. Now I usually take some apples, bananas, oranges with me, maybe a salad. I do not have a dehydrator (or oven), but I have a blender and a food processor soon:) I thought I could make guacamole, but I would’t like to have the smell of garlic. Any ideas?


  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    I’ve started eating guacamole without the garlic—not quite as flavorful, but much more breath-friendly for work!

    Fruit is kind of the ultimate fast food, as are nuts. If I’m just eating fruit, I’ll also sometimes just eat a few slices of avocado with a little salt, it is super convenient and very satisfying. Raw soup is very portable and easy to carry and make.

    Raw brownies are great if sweet food satisfies you. I go through phases where sweet food is fine for meals, then other phases where I have to have something savory mid-day. Right now my favorite meal is just sprouts with ginger-sesame dressing (I make it once or twice a week). I’m obsessed with it, and it couldn’t be easier!

    Hope this helps!

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    any marinated veggies will look “normal” to the untrained eye. you can julienne some carrots, zucchini, asparagus, cukes, and/or daikon radish and marinade in your fave sauce… something gingery, something tomato-ey, or just a toss of olive oil, sea salt and pepper… you can do it the night before and it’ll be perfect the next day.

  • Wow! thank you so much, these are great ideas, I will definitely try them!

  • Sushi Rolls are really good to bring to work. Just spread on a pate (or your guacamole or chickpea hummus), some sprouts, sliced cucumber, sliced carrots, (as you know…the possibilities are endless!) Roll it up and throw it in a container. You can slice it like sushi rolls, but I just usually eat ‘as is’ as a hand roll. (You might need a tooth brush to get the seaweed out of your teeth)

    You can also make soups pretty easily. My husband and I love soup with pureed carrots, coconut (water and meat), and some herbs/spices. Looks like regular soup!

    I know how tormenting people at work can be when they do not want to understand your healthy choices!

  • hi flybaby..if you really want avocado…this is sooogooood chop up 2 bananas,1 mango and 1 avocado and mix together…refreshing :p my friend who says she doesn’t like avocado loves this! maybe it’s too strange for your work…? maybe they’ll all want to try…the woman i work with asked me to make her a green smoothie last week after a few days of quiet curiosity about what might be in my bottle.. yipeee

    happy eating x

    this creamyjuicy beauty comes from the garden diet ebook, thank you Taliferos!

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