Really Raw Almond Butter?

Hey I bought a jar of truly raw almond butter @ $34.00 a jar OUCH! does anyone know if the so called raw almond butters say at Trader Joes are truly raw? $6.00 a jar would be much easier to swallow. Any info would be appreciated! Peace


  • The price of almonds is up these days! I think there is little difference between the two because i feel the same on both. However, they are not sprouted so the inhibitors are present and inhibit digestion. Also nut butters are easy to make. You can save money 3 timnes over by buying raw almonds, soaking over night and making almond butter with your green power or vita mix.

  • ive been using my food processor to make raw almond butter. its not a real recipe but i usually add honey and just keep pulzerizing it past the almond powder stage n it will become wetish n turn to a peanutbuttery type substance. sometimes i add oil, but thats just me playing around trying to figure out good recipes of my own

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