anyone have ideas for sausage and gravy?

I am having such a craving for sausage and gravy, UM,UM, UMMMMMMM.


  • Maybe you could try this for the sausage: mix some ground flax seed and sunflower seeds with oil,a bit osf water, garlic, paprika powder, cumin seeds, majoramn, salt, pepper and chilli and dehydrate…I haven’t tried yet, just a quick brainstorming from me….but I think it may work.

    For the gravy I don’t know, maybe you could use some nutritional yeast, soya souce(not raw), oil and water blended.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    im not into recipes but just throwing out some ideas =

    avacado can get near satisfying that salty/spicy sausage taste.
    walnuts .
    onion .
    sprouted grain with walnuts and onions plus spices like poultry seasoning and crushed red pepper flakes .
    - go to or
    and search there because i bet the chef carm there has a recipe for stuff like this . ps – for some reason at times these links to above sites dont work but those are the actual addresses , so may have to type them into your browser to get there .

  • The raw food place by me sprouts and then dehydrates lentils (I think mixed with sundried tomatoes and maybe walnuts, not sure) and spices them like sausage. Super good.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    There are a couple sausage-like recipes on this site, but I haven’t tried them yet.

  • The spices you use depend on what kind of sausage do you want,.. my idea of the spices was what a real Hungarian sausage looks like. And it is really delicious. But there are some other types of sausages as well. It depends on your taste. So experiment!

  • See the thing is for sausage and gravy you need a basic country sausage, not italian. Salt pepper and pork is what they use. It’s browned. Some flour is added to make a roux and then some milk mixed in to thicken and make a basic sawmill gravy and the sausage is mixed back in to heat up and then some parsley is mixed in at the end. We don’t have pennsylvania dutch people for nothing. Now what I would recommend using a simple nut/seed sausage with just salt and pepper added. The trick is the gravy. Remember this is a very fatty recipe in general. I would suggest an almond cream (made with humanimals veg stock instead of water equal parts liquid to nut)thickened with finely ground flax meal and then seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. I figure if you use the veg stock it will add plenty of flavor and the flax has that gelatinous ability that should make it that much better as a sauce. Well I hope this helped some.

  • flybaby are you Hungarian? I have been looking for a substitute for Hungarian Sausage. I will have to try your reccomendation.

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