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Raw cheese......

Ok,before going raw I was the queen of cheese,vegan and reg. I loved cheese and crackers,melted cheese wheat free cheese sanwiches,pizze etc. Seriously,I have not been a meat eater,fast food person or reg. pkg.junk eater for MANY years.It was the cheese.Now i have mentioned this earlier but I am having a harder time being all raw while its cold,in the warmer weather itis a breeze.
So now that leaves me with my curiost with raw cheese.Anyone else eating it? Thanks.
Oh,not having too much luck replacing it with a raw recipe cheese,I like them but I really need cheese,cheese.

I must confess,I bought some,I have not tried it yet though. Raw gaoat organic cheddar.


  • I haven’t but I want to.

    If you were the Queen of Cheese then I totally was the Princess. I was a cheese-a-holic.
    Any wisdom on the subject of Raw cheese would be greatly appreciated ; )

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i don’t experiment with raw dairy cheese because of the riskiness of it. however, raw vegan cheezes with nuts or seeds or coconut meat as the base, epecially those made with probiotic powder, can be very realistic. check out ani phyo’s book for some great recipes, and raw food real world has excellent recipes for raw cheeses as well.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    i guess im hearing now that brewers yeast may not be a raw product ?
    im not sure , but if one deims it a proper fuel ive found that
    “LEWIS LABS” brand brewers yeast has a very cheesy taste . i used to eat it by the spoon full for the cheese kick effect .

  • No raw and nut cheeses have lived up to the expectation for me – mainly because I was such a cheese addict.

    The best I’ve found is poemmomm’s Real Cream Cheese made with macadamia’s and probiotic poweder – similar to philly cream cheese (http://goneraw.com/recipes/1358-Real-Cream-Cheese) but its expensive to make and still has a ‘nutty’ taste. I crave real goats cheese and ricotta like mad!

    But since dairy was really making me sick (maybe too many years as a hardcore dairy addict – think 2 litres of yoghurt a week) I’d be concerned that the raw stuff would do the same? What is it in dairy that disagrees with our bodies so much? Is it just the processing? I’d love to know how you go with the raw goats cheddar, and if you feel any different after it!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Putting aside issues of dairy animals being injected with hormones and antibiotics that shows up in their milk… many adults are lactose (a milk sugar) intolerant. Our bodies were not meant to consume a product (milk) that has all the life sustaining and immune system support needed when one’s system is underdeveloped as it is when we are infants. As one’s body developes, it shuts down what is needed to digest milk. Pretty efficient if we listen to our body!

    In addition, there are studies that are showing that dairy products actually leach calcium out of the body rather than supplies calcium.

    One other thing… humans are the only species that regularly consumes another species’ milk. Does it make sense for a human to consume a product that is intended to take an animal like a cow, from 100 pounds to 500 pounds in a short period of time?

    BTW, I love cheese and other dairy products!

  • from the Skinny Bitches book: this is not a quote, just from my memory. All animal milk has opiates in it to help the youngin attach and stay close to the mother and want more milk to grow. This includes cow milk. Like Bluedolfin says the increase in size of the calves makes cow’s milk pretty powerful for growth. So anyway, you might be addicted to the opiates and those opiates are also present in cheese.

    I was eating raw cheese from an amish farmer, which is not as bad for us lactose intolerant types because the enzymes are not destroyed by pasteurization. But I recently stopped eating it because of the opiate things I read. Now I eat vegan cheese a little. There is a brand without casein that melts, called Follow Your Heart. The casein is a milk protein that is problematic too, but I can’t remember why.

  • So I ate a little with my “hippie” salad(thats what my boyfriend calls it,he does eat it too) I’m fine,it was good but not sure how I feel now. I don’t want this to be a crutch or anything. I now am curious REDHOUSE about the vegan cheese. Interesting point you brought up.
    In 1993-4 cannot remember the exact year I was diagnosed with a wheat allery so i went without and started to eat cheese,really healthy vegan/veg. other than that I have always gravitated to a simple diet .
    I really am unsure now with how cheese will be part of my diet but I guess i really don’t want to give up some part of it,vegan,rawetc.
    I do like some of the raw recipe cheeses but they don’t seem to work to fill this void of the cheese.
    If I was able to show you my diet for the last few years and since the 90’s I think most would realize how simple and pure and healthy I am.This I guess is something I deal with raw or just accept as an occasional treat????Hmm.not sure but thank-you all who responded.

  • skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

    i eat alta dena brand raw goat cheese. i think it’s delicious. i don’t have any dairy intolerances so i don’t feel bad after i eat it at all.

    i’m not really interested in being completely vegan and i really like cheese, so this is a nice product for me.

  • Hi Skizzy,where do you getthis,thanks.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Alta Dena is a great product! Can’t get it where I am now-usually see it on the west coast. Love it love it, sometimes I do feel a little dairy kind of gives me a cellular cushion-hard to explain what I mean, like my skin kind of shines after I have just a little, sort of luminescent. I think dairy products were a natural effect of humanity, althought I hate the idea of hormone injected, ultra pasteurized and homoginezed sick animals, badly treated etc. That really bothers me, don’t they know they are creating sickness in the world. rrg


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Here in Italy most of the dairy cheeze is non pasteurized. It’s absolutely to die for and although I do my best MOST of the time to avoid it, sometimes something sneaks in – like when eating out or when I get a massive sweet gorgonzola craving…I keep ground ewe’s cheeze in the freezer if I must use something. Regular dairy gives me gas, goat’s or sheep’s doesn’t. I also have some goat and sheep yoghurt once in a while.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I Love cheese too. I recently made a farmers milk type cheese from young coconut meat and a kefir starter. Its not bad. Kind of like a cream cheese/yogurt. It ain’t saga blue however.

  • Marichiesa,
    I would love you to post how you made that!

  • i bought some organic raw goats milk cheese when i first started transitioning b/c i also have had a major cheese addiction most of my life. i’ve found that when i eliminate it from my diet for an extended period of time i have less cravings for it. turns out- since increasing the raw percentage in my diet, i’ve had practically no cravings for it past the first week and a half or so, and I ended up not even using half of it. go figure, i do plan on making some of the nut cheeses with the probiotics to see how that turns out. i made some nut cheese once but it didn’t have the flavor i was really craving. but the raw goats cheese i bought was very good, mham. i think mine was from organic valley.

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