im a newbie to the site n a newbie to being raw. im going through an entire lifestyle change for my physicall and mental health. im 21 as of two days n still living at home so the most difficult thing rite now is seeing my family eat lots of cooked food, and stuff right in front of me, but i am strong. im trying to buy a dehydrater so if anyones got some tips on where to get or which to buy please help me out. im so enjoying this and always love feedback. thanx


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    congrats on going raw! We got a 9 tray Excalibur which is pricey, but it works well, and has full big trays. Some of the cheaper ones have a hole in the middle of the trays, which would be a bit annoying when making bread, pizza, crackers etc We got a 9 tray so that we can fill it up and make big batches of the food we like, which cuts down on the hassle factor. I can make 9 trays of bread which lasts for a couple of weeks. It is so good to have what I want on hand whenever I want it, so to me it is worth every penny. God Luck with it, eat loads and loads of good delicious raw things and it won’t seem like you have to be strong, it will be a total pleasure :)

  • Hi totallbetti, I am the only one that is raw in my family of 3. I purchased a slightly used 4 tray excalibur dehydrator on ebay for a good price and it is plenty big for me. After awhile it will not bother you to watch other people eat cooked foods. I always make sure I have plenty of good food on hand that I can substitute for cooked foods. If my family goes out for ice cream, I know I can make my own version at home with frozen bananas that tastes even better and is good for me.(see the recipe on this website for banana split) Nothing tastes as good as being healthy and fit!

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