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Hi all!! (^ u ^) I have been Hippocrates’ style raw since 1991, after discovering “Survival into the 21st Century” by Victoras Kulvinskas. Since then I’ve loved all the Hippocrates’ books by Anne Wigmore and Brian Crement. I was a guest Chef at Juliano’s “Organica” in 1998. I am sn idealist, extroverted, nerdy pet sitter. I also love ballet, ping pong and violin! Glad to be here!


  • Hey there, welcome to Gone Raw!

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hi, I see the hippocrates name here and there but never thought to research it.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Can you tell us more what it means to be “hippocrates style raw”, I am realtively new, just under a year raw, so have not heard of this. I would love to know more!

  • Hi all, I am from PA. I went vegetarian 6 weeks ago because basically I am sick of being sick all the time. I am only 35 but, have struggled for years with numerous health problems including arthritis, celiac disease, etc…I have been researching raw alot and it makes total sense to me. As of right now I am about 90% RAW. It is great to see some rather simple recipes on here. I purchased a dehydrator, mandolin, and something to make squash look like spaghetti. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hippocrates was an Anceint Greek philosopher who was a raw foodist “let food be your medicine, let medincine be your food’ or something like that! Anyway, Anne Wigmore started the Hippocrates Institute and they base their raw food diet on living foods. This is sprouts and wheatgrass especially, and not much dehydrated stuff. That’s about all I know about it, but I just wanted to say that I signed up to raw vegan radio – which is totally free, and they sent me a free ebook by Anne Wigmore, I believe they are still doing this.

    Let me tell you, that book is one of the most inspirational and fascinating books I have ever read. It is all about her childhood, and her life, it is an amazing read. “Sign up to raw vegan radio”:… and get it free, they are a pretty good website/radio station thingy too!

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