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Juice Cleansing

jeshuabrownjeshuabrown Raw Newbie

I’ve been trying, very hard, to do a juice cleanse. It feels like gettin’ off heroin!! I get up, do oil-pulling drink a smoothie. Then within 1/2 hour I’m insatiably hungry again! I can’t even make it past 11 am and I fold!! I’ve tried juicing, but am still starved after. Gah! Is there an herb or something I could take to suppress this? Has anyone else experienced this or know how I can get around it? Much appreciated!



  • NEVER suppress anything the body wants to do. It is VERY VERY Dangerous. Are you trying to do a juice fast??? If so, it is all in your decision. You need to make your mind up that you ARE going to do a juice fast. Hunger will last for about two days. It is something you just have to put up with then after two days or so you will not be hungry as long as you drink enough juice. Also, you might want to add things like bee pollen, green powders, hemp or flax oils etc. to your juice as this will make you have better results. Also, use as much organic produce as possible and take a herbal laxative everyday. From my own experience, I think that my 30 juice fast was not as good as what it could have been because I only had about 2 quarts of non organic juice everyday and did not have anything like bee pollen or green powders. I also did not take laxatives everyday which I found is really needed.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Well what exactly is your fast consisting of? If you are indeed juice fasting then you need to cut out the smoothie and just stick to juice. But the bigger question is what are the ingredients to your smoothie because being that hungry only a half hour later after a smoothie seems a bit odd. Did you jump into this too fast maybe? Whenever I fast I take a few days to prepare and reduce my food intake. I’ve found that since I’ve already prepared myself, the physical reaction to starting a fast is hardly anything… now the mental side of it, that’s still another story!

  • jeshuabrown. I’m doing a juice feast. I’m on day 10. What is in your smoothie in the morning? I found that when I had apples I was so wired and so hungry soon after. Now I just do green juice until the early evening then I will add some fruit to a juice. I was ok from day 1 to day 3. getting of that 3 day hump. day 7 was hard but now I feel awesome. Stick with it. Try doing more green juice and do what shgadwa said and add supplements like bee pollen an oils. I find chewing bee pollen helps me with my need to chew something. Good luck and keep me posted on how your doing. p.s. dont let anyone tell you your crazy…They are just jealous because they dont have the strength to do something like this. ;)

  • Hi jeshuabrown I’m reading The Juice Fasting Bible by Sandra Cabot, MD and she said that if you are a First-Time faster she recommend a one day fast. You should begin your fast in the evening of Day 1, and by the time you wake up the next morning your fast already be halfway over. And the evening of day 2 it will be just fruits and vegetables.

  • jeshuabrownjeshuabrown Raw Newbie

    ohhh, so I am going about it all wrong. Wow. you people are amazing. i read and read posts all over and, still you bring me more info-Ok, I will “practice” I guess a smoothie is different than a juice because of the pulp, der. I was trying to get by on just smoothies to see if I could pull off the juice fasting thing. Probably it is mostly metal. However, bee pollen, now that’s not technically “cheating” then? Oh boy, 3 days til the misery is over? I wish I lived alone…I’ve been trying to transition and cut back food intake for months, seem to have prediabetes symptoms, scary. But, like I say, I’m so hungry all the time-yet I’m not overweight. Now I have the courage and the info to try again thanks for great advice!! Y’all should get paid hourly er something for support!!

  • jeshuabrownjeshuabrown Raw Newbie

    oops mental.

  • ray4boatray4boat Raw Newbie

    Hello jeshuadrown - I am on day 25 of my solid food vacation. The last day I ate food was October 5. Today is October 29. It has been 25 days and I have lost 31 pounds and I feel great. I am doing this to detox my body and lose weight - I am 71 years old and raw food has eliminated most of my medical problems but not all. That's why I'm on a 100 % juice routine. My main drink I buy a Sam's club - it.s a cold pressed juice called SUJA(the mighty dozen) 59 ounces for $8.88. I also buy fresh squeezed orange juice there also. I'm taking 1 10 ounce OJ in the morning and 3 or 4 10 ounce SUJA juice during the day.I also drink from a large container of water ( 24 0unces ? )with 1/2 lemon juice squeezed in it  when I get up and during the day.I use to water fast for as much a 3 1/2 days in the past but decided I needed a longer fast to clean my body. My experience is not the same as yours probably. Read up about juice fasting. You can also buy 10 ounce SUJA at Walmart superstores for $3.00. I don't feel hungry after day3 or 4.

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