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so hubby is into the biking thing(road not mountain)and last year we sold an old tandem i had and got me my own bike, well ive only ridden it twice…I really prefer my hooved variety of ground transport , but want to enjoy one of my hubbys hobbys as well….my biggest issue is the pain in my…..well, nether regions. I have the biggest cushiest seat one can buy, with a gel pad on top and was “fitted” at a bike store so that supposedly all the parts are in the right spot for my leg length ect ect…and still, IT HURTS!!! hubby says gotta build up “calluses” and “mind over matter” but honestly…I know in my horse riding endevours it took me some time to find a good saddle for me…suggetions?


  • you can always look go to a bike shop and try other seats!
    in the end, it’s always going to hurt at first. it’s just about getting
    used to it and findind the best way to sit :)

    when i got my lovely bike made especially for me, it wasn’t too
    comfy at first but now it’s perfect. at my spinning classes, it’s
    been 8 weeks and 5 different spinning bikes and i still get sore
    after an hour!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Get some padded (gel) bike pants or padded (gel) bike shorts. That, PLUS the gel bike seat is good. I road the C&O and GAP on a mountain bike, both with the same gel seat and gel pants. I road the C&O for 3 days, which was about 120 miles. It was dirt road, washboard-like with gravel. It was a pain in the rear. Then I road the GAP trail for 3 days, which was about 134 miles. It was a dirt road, slightly smoother with gravel. I could keep going for a couple more days. Much, much less pain. So, it depends on the road conditions as well.

  • hey i found this and will try the spiderflex…i have the gel pants the gel seat the huge cruiser padded thingy now…thanks for your input though, i gotta say anything that causes a body pain and deemed acceptable makes me very suspicious! ;)

  • I ordered the bi saddle we shall see if this makes me a biking fanantic….;)

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    What about the crescent moon shaped seats, especially for women… here’s a link or two…

  • thanks joyceh and freesia, the “derri air” was my next choice after the bi saddle, which i should recieve today! yahoo! I doubt i’ll ever become an honest to goodness bike rider in the true sence as im really afraid on the roads. my husband tells me about all his near misses and i think, why are we doing this again? well at least (I hope) my ass wont hurt so now i can just enjoy my extreme paranoia about being hit by a car! teehee

  • omshanti,

    You crack me up! Frankly I’m relieved that someone else has experienced this problem. I’ve always avoided family bike rides for the same reasons you’ve given. Heck. Just give me some shoes. I’ll walk!!!!

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    I’d rather be on a horse, I love them but I’m also scared of them since 12 big ones once crowded around me in a paddock wanting the one carrot I had, !!

  • my husband is a bike fanatic too, so i bought the biggest cushiest seat too, and it’s fine. unless we do a super long ride, like more than 10 miles, then i get sore. but i used to get sore horseback riding too!

    i worry about the cars too, but mostly i just try to ride places where there won’t be too many.

  • Heck ya being on a horse to me is way more fun! for one, they dont tip over when you stop moving! haha i ride in a treeless saddle after years of trying and riding in many types and brands of saddles…the treeless isnt for the faint of heart as there is little support in most of them and one has to be well balanced, but i never get sore in the rump region anymore nor do my knees hurt which would happen all the time when i was endurance riding( 50 plus miles at a good trot and some canter)now when i ride at home its the bareback pad for me, but when i go out in”public” i bring my freeform enduro for hilly trails or swap to the dressage seat for shows or easy jaunts with no hills. (shameless plug for freeform and action rider tack!)

    Hubby is 42 and has ridden horses 5 times in his life: i would rather try his sport than get him into mine at this point…i’m ok with thte risk inherent to being on( and frankly near) a 1200 pound flight animal, but if he where maimed or killed while riding I would never forgive myself….and , dont tell him, but he has little talent for it..shhhhhhh, suprizing as he is very athletic in all other sports! He is happy just petting and leading them for me occationally…. more comfortable that way for me thanks very much!

    freesia, if you love horses find a good instructor and get back to it…horses are my first and longest lasting love, they teach with out malice, they humble by example, they give with all their hearts…I aspire to be as fabulous as these creatures are…maybe in my next life…eh?;)

    marichiesa, yes, yes walking much better! or swimming or doing taxes,perhapsa nice root canal?... all preferable! hahahahaha boy alot is riding on that little bike seat of mine huh? teehee! i figure those little voices screaming for me to get off the road(usually in my head, but sometimes eminateing from a passing car,teehee)are common sence that i have yet to obey! funny how i pay attention to those voices about bungee jumping or rock climbing! hahahaha

  • got my bike seat!! its smaller than i thought looks huge in the pic on their site! weighs a ton! but im not lance armstrong..;) on the trainer its very nice! loved the adjustment capabilities! used all of them poor hubby was like” just find the right adjustment already” anyhow ill take it out next weekend with hubby, meanwhile ill be burning up the trainer! well, if you consider a 13 mile an hour pace “burning” teehee

  • The more you ride, the more used to the seat your nether regions will get! I have a squishy gel seat, but if I am off the bike for more than a week , I feel sore again when i get back on!

    Unfortunatly there is no real miracle seat! Hope the one you got helps though! Let me know!

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