How do you test if seeds are rancid?

Does anyone know how to tell if seeds are rancid?


  • My motto: when in doubt throw them out. Nuts and seeds actually go rancid much faster than the vendors want us to know. They often are rancid on the store shelf. If they were not stored in a fridge at the store you shouldn’t buy them. The oils in them are sensitive to heat and if they do not contain preservatives the oils will get rancid in a short time. Not sure the exact time though.

  • Thanks SocaL ^ u ^ Sun Organic farm has already agreed to credit me for 25 Ibs of sesame seed. I still want to know as much about this subject as I can. I know unhulled last longer than hulled sesame seeds. So does anyone know how long I can keep unhulled sesame in an airtight food storage bin at room tempurature?

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master In that forum I mentioned some info about sesame seeds it mentions the time you can keep it in storage and out.

  • thanks! there was a great article you referenced on Living and RAw foods that unhulled sesame last about 3-6 months from the time they are processed. there is definately controversy about this though.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I believe it is 3 months in a dark cool area with a secure lid and 6 months in the fridge and a year in the freezer. I would have to go and read everything again.

  • WOOT! That was it! Arigatoone

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