Help finding recipe

O.K. I have drove myself bonkers all morning trying to find a recipe for raw chickun strips that I saw somewhere on the web last week. Has anyone heard of/seen this, or am I crazy. Please post ifyou have so I know I am not going out of my mind. Thanks!


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Zoe is looking over my shoulder and she says it sounds like Alissa Cohen. She also said Alissa posted it on Juliano’s forum at one point. HTH, Chris

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I think you may be right, Chris and Zoe, however, when I went to her site, I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere. I was hoping someone might have her book and might be able to post on the recipe section. Anyone…? (fingers crossed!)

  • shannonmarieshannonmarie Raw Newbie

    Alissa Cohen’s recipe is posted on the GreenChefs website. Here is a link:…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes that’s the one I thought spirited mama wanted. I made it a few times and it is pretty good. I likes it dehydrated a loooong time so it was very crunchy, I had lost the recipe myself so, Thank you Shannon Marie for finding it and posting it.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yeah! Thanks so much shannon marie. I can’t wait to try it.

    I like things really crunchy too, Zoe…in fact I have been craving really crunchy food so that is why I wanted to try the recipe!

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