Help finding recipe

O.K. I have drove myself bonkers all morning trying to find a recipe for raw chickun strips that I saw somewhere on the web last week. Has anyone heard of/seen this, or am I crazy. Please post ifyou have so I know I am not going out of my mind. Thanks!


  • Zoe is looking over my shoulder and she says it sounds like Alissa Cohen. She also said Alissa posted it on Juliano’s forum at one point. HTH, Chris

  • I think you may be right, Chris and Zoe, however, when I went to her site, I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere. I was hoping someone might have her book and might be able to post on the recipe section. Anyone…? (fingers crossed!)

  • Alissa Cohen’s recipe is posted on the GreenChefs website. Here is a link:…

  • ZoeZoe

    Yes that’s the one I thought spirited mama wanted. I made it a few times and it is pretty good. I likes it dehydrated a loooong time so it was very crunchy, I had lost the recipe myself so, Thank you Shannon Marie for finding it and posting it.

  • Yeah! Thanks so much shannon marie. I can’t wait to try it.

    I like things really crunchy too, Zoe…in fact I have been craving really crunchy food so that is why I wanted to try the recipe!

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