Sugesstion for photos

Not everybody has a camera or has the time (me) to take photos of recipes. So many end up without photos which often then do not get tried as much as the ones with photos because, there is not a photo. Maybe it should be changed so that anyone can add a photo and not just the person that posted the recipe. That is how does it.


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Love this idea – it is on our list!

  • Ok, but if the creators of the recipes without pictures don’t want somebody to put a picture in (because the creator plans to eventually), how would we know whether we have permission or not to insert a photo? Maybe when this feature comes out, somewhere on the page of the recipe there could be a notice saying “You have permission to add a photo” or “You do not have permission to add a photo”. Just an idea, to give people a little control over their recipes. :)

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    When we do add something like this, we’ll be sure to make it obvious which is the author’s photo and which are from other members!

  • That’s fair. Just in case somebody prefers people not to add pictures at the time (want to wait for some reason) could you add a feature in which the author gives permission or not for other members to add pictures. I’m not trying to make this negative, it’s just that I’m adding pictures to my recipes and want the original recipe picturen given, just as a model. :)

  • thats a great idea shgadwa!

  • I was just thinking this!! I recently made the Cauliflower Curry with the Sweet Sauce AND Indian Pancakes. There’s no picture for the recipe and it turned out great so I wanted to send it to the author. Unfortunately, it was so good we ate it too fast. :(

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