Detoxing Side-effects

AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

Olá, So I give up coffee, alcohol, soda pop, junk food etc,, and I´m eating all this great stuff and what did I get in return?A gnarly headache that lasted 4 days non-stop!

I realize I´m truly “weaning myself off drugs” (like sugar and cafeine) but is there any way to make it go faster? Do I stick mainly to green juices?

I feel I´m eating too much. I´ll have juices, fruit and veggies all day long. For example, today I had 3 glasses of juice, fruit salad, veggie salad, and (a little bit of bread with tahini which I was craving.) Problem is I eat all day, there´s no meals. I´m just humgry all the time.

I have noticed that I am getting up in the morning without the usual migraine I had (even before going raw/detoxing). I keep waiting for it to come on again but, it doesn´t I can hardly believe it!

I´m also remembering my dreams (is that good or bad?). My sleep is changing, I´m resting more and waking up earlier. I feel as though I´m getting into a more natural mode. Very different from waking up tired, drinking coffee all day and being stressed out!

Please share! How did you get over detox? What are good detox foods?

Thanks, Alê


  • I’m no help with the detoxing bit…but when I truly focus on eating raw, I find I dream a lot about eating raw. I find the dreams are quite vivid (all of them) and I remember a lot of it as well. I really enjoy the feeling of waking up light and clear headed and focus on that as I start my day.

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