Macrobiotics vs. Raw Food

Just wondering if anyone else has made a transition from the macrobiotic diet and what differences you feel/find upon consuming raw foods.
I followed macrobiotics for about a year and a half but still had many digestive problems ie. was always bloated and lethargic no matter what I ate.
I just started eating a mostly raw diet and feel much better than I have in ages.
It is a big transition as in the macrobiotic diet as you rarely ate tropical foods or nuts or even much raw food as they believe that it kills the digestive fire.


  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hello, I was macro for about 2 years before I switched over to raw foods. I liked the idea of not eating from extreme food groups and becoming more yang. I did quite well on it but lost alot of weight and then got bloated and depressed. We were following it usig books and didn’t really know about when to adjust the diet as the body shifts its chemistry. I found David Wolfes success system book and just wanted to eat fresh food. Nowadays I think the macros balance their food and incorporate some fresh living food, the diet has been changing over the years. My macro and ayurveda knowledge has helped me refine my raw diet. Especially in the case of eating fruit and balancing yin and yang, (fire, air and water). It’s also been important for me to understand my environment and make adjustment there too.

    As far as increasing digestive fire on raw, it can be done by limiting sugar intake and having lots of vegetables with spices and ginger added. Fruits are good in blends because you can add more yang foods like maca, cacao, cayenne, ginger, goji berries etc.

  • Thanks for the reply,
    I was hesitant at first about becoming a raw foodist because of all the negative opinons I had read about raw food in macrobiotic books.
    I always thought it was an extreme principle of not eating spices or raw food at all, and I think my body was reacting with the constant bloating and lethargy from too many cooked grains.
    Now that I am eating about 70% raw thus far I feel a significant difference already. :)

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