warning…embarrassing and taboo topic here!

I have a lot of faith in raw food, and having seen things like diabetes and other “non-curable” ailments drastically helped if not totally eradicated by raw food i was wondering if the same could go for “non-curable” viruses and/or sexually transmitted diseases. There’s a lot of people with herpes out there… do you think something like that could be cured despite western doctors insistence that it can only be treated but not cured? any suggestions? much appreciated!


  • From what I understand, viruses cannot live in an alkaline environment and as raw foodies we become more alkaline than acidic. So theoretically, once your body is alkaline, the viruses are dormant. I don’t know at what level of alkalinity they deactivate or anything … just something to think about and perhaps research more.

  • When I worked at a health food store, I was privleged to work with a natural doctor. I don’t have the wealth of info he does, but the short answer is yes. Cleansing is the first step. In effect you starve out the virus. The only reason humans get viruses is because our immune systems are not healthy enough to ward them off. When we fast, we recharge our immune system as well.

  • hey, thanks so much for the helpful replies. yea i figured its a topic that not many people would want to bring up but that a lot of people might be able to use information on…you have to be humble if you ever wanna learn anything right..

    thats interesting about that algae, i’ll try to look that up. i know the info is out there somewhere!

    I remember seeing a documentary on natural healing and it showed this doctor in Burma who treated patients with this mix he made of different metals processed in a special take it in pills and he was curing all these people including people in the last very serious stages of AIDS who would travel there illegally in order to get help. so if something like that can be cured i would think something like herpes could be taken care of too…

    thats interesting about fasting too. you can starve a virus? i think i should take a biology class to learn more about how viruses work lol. i wonder how long and how extreme the fast should be done for. well the fact is that there’s hope and thats the first thing needed to be known :)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    i heard that drinking young coconut water and taking or applying coconut oil are helpful. good luck!

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