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What makes you feel alive?

For me I feel the most alive when I’m with my friends having a fun time, or I’m thinking of something fun and exciting or even learning something new. It feels me with life and energy and gets me going. What does it for you? I thought it would be a fun topic to share with others.


  • Hi Chris,

    I think this is a great topic to share with others too, maybe a lot more people will see it if you had posted in a different forum, li Talk it Up. Any way it is interesting because learning something new for me it is very exciting too, and what I enjoy the most is been in touch with nature.

  • Fresh air and moving around in it! Being outside is deff what makes me feel the most alive, especially if I am immersed in nature and working a sweat… snowshoe hikes have been my latest high!

    Also doing something crazy every once in a while, breaking routine- this makes me feel alive! Like sledding down a ski hill at night, or jumping out of a hot tub naked and running in the snow!

    When its NOT snowing (and I can barely remember what glorious reality that was!) I love to soak in the sun and putting my face towards the sun makes me feel alive!

    Traveling, meeting new people, having adventures, discovering new places, learning new things, these all make me so happy to be alive!

    heart brakes and heart mendings, the love and support of friends and strangers, the familiarity of family, lifes many teachers…

    And so much more.. Being alive is deff a blessing! :)

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Doing things that I used to do and haven’t been physically able to do in a long time. Seeing health improvements and sharing my story with others so that they can feel that there’s hope for them too.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Being with my husband.

  • I don’t want to be a terrible sap but I’m most happy when I’m with my fiance or talking to him on the phone (he is 500 miles away right now at uni).

  • fresh fruit juice fill me with live living love…

    feeling the sun bet down on me…

    seeing smiling and laughter…

    playing music for others and reaching them with it…

    crying and experiencing my emotions makes me feel soooooo human…feeling feels so good.

  • I have to say absolutely everything.
    The birds singing. The warmth of my dogs fur. Observing people. Fresh air. Views. Deafening silence. The noise of the city. People smiling. Sending letters. Secrets. Paintings. Poems. Sitting under a tree. Summer. Singing. The blue sky. Watching clouds. Writing. Waking up. Laughter. The rain. Reading. Looking through a sketchbook. Found objects. Hugging a blue stone in Stone Henge at 8am in the pouring Monday morning rain. Caring. Believing. Feeling cobbles under my feet. The smell of flowers. Autumn shades. And all the hidden wonders….

  • fresh air,clean food and being with people that make me feel good. Oh and never accidentally seeing or hearing bad things news etc.Sometimes it feels good to just retreat back to my bubble knowing there that I only allow good things.

  • Such fun responses. :)

  • lemons, cacao and maca…..
    the ocean.
    my best friends.
    vivid sweet dreams.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Running for the hell of it!!!! In a park. Or a park with a wide open field.
    Good times…

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Jogging, walking in the hills, foraging, dancing merengue with my husband, traveling, singing…

  • sunshine, nature, nice food, being with my friends, hiking, music, friendly people, watching cities from the airplane,

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    the smell of horse poop in the morning! you think im kidding?;) seriously though…sunrise,fresh air and good company( animal or vegitable)!

  • rawgypsy7rawgypsy7 Raw Newbie

    eating berries just picked from the vine
    breathing the air on top of a mountain
    drinking living water from a spring
    looking into the eyes of someone pure and full of light
    dancing beyond the limits of my physical body
    vibrating high after deep yoga practice
    digging my hands into the soil
    planting seeds and watching them grow
    smelling my sweet children as they sleep…

    i think that’s it. :)

  • When something sparks your imagination and you have a grand idea stir about in the back of your mind in an almost instantaneous moment.

  • I think I’m most aware of that very alive, and powerful/creator feeling when I’m driving. I dunno why, but my brain seems quite focused on all that is good and well, so I really FEEL it. I love that very centered everything’s gonna be all right feeling. Ahhhhhhh.

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