Coconut Powder

I just got some raw organic coconut powder that I ordered online. It seems to be pretty versatile…you can add it to water in varying degrees to make water, milk, cream, etc. However, when I tried to make the cream and whip it, like they say you can, it was a disaster. The package doesn’t say how to whip it, just that it can be whipped. Any ideas what I did wrong? Anyone made whipped coconut powder before?


  • PamPam

    Probably has to be super cold and you need something like a Magic Wand type wand blender and a narrow container. That’s how you whip skim milk.

    Where did you get the powder?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I ordered the powder on line, I just googled “raw coconut powder”. I think you are right Pam, I think I needed to chill it, just like you would with whip cream.

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