Name change?

How can we change our user ID? The one I use now was just supposed to be temporary until I could think up something else, but I can’t find out to change it now:((


  • I am not sure, but maybe post the question again with Kandaces name to bring her attention to it. I am sure she or Ray would know! :)

  • Good question Alix.. I’ve been thinking of changing my name too but I just figured it was impossible unless I signed up again.. hum..

  • Good question. The “username” everyone sees wasn’t actually meant to be the “public” name, when I wrote Gone Raw – it was meant to show people’s first and last names. However, people soon started requesting (overwhelmingly) that their username be shown instead, so we switched.

    Unfortunately, while I wrote in the ability to change your first and last name, I never wrote in a way to change your username!

    So I’ll look into fixing that. In the meantime, you can write to me personally (ray at and I’ll change it for you.

  • Ray i tryed to email you because i would like my name changed but it said that it failed. i was wondering if the email address is correct ( or am i just somehow not computer sauve?

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