Anybody would know a natural nail polish?

I don’t use it every day but sometimes I would like to use it .I use to have green nail polish that I loved it,but now it’s been years that I don’t use any.


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    Check this site out:

    I did buy some nail polish once, but I don’t remember which one. It doesn’t last long, scratches and comes off with alcohol or water (with a hard scrub). They have other cosmetics as well, including hair color, which I haven’t used on my gray head for years and you don’t look as though you need!

    Look under nail care and you’ll be able to find the least toxic ones.

  • Thanks 123. I really want to use some nail polish just for fun.
    For my hair,no,I don’t need anything for my hair. Me,mom,my uncle and my grandfather are the only ones in the family that still have the same color hair.

  • Thanks Raw_Chocoholic,I want the natural ones.I am freeing my life of toxic things.

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    I was gonna say “malnutrition”, but now that I think about it, it wasn’t funny to me ten years ago:P

  • wow, so much to think about…i never even considered all those things like cosmetics and whatnot..right now i’m still trying to detox with my food..i’ll have to work on all that, thpugh.

  • I don’t think their is any such thing as a completely ‘natural’ nail polish. I know you can get more non-toxic types that are not animal tested. Vegan Essentials online sells some that is almost natural (- plus a less toxic nail polish remover). The brand is called No Miss. I have seen some at Whole Foods too I think – I don’t know if it is the same brand.

    I think that is the best you are going to get is the No Miss Brand (it comes in green too!). Nail Polish can’t really be created without a bunch of chemicals too keep it together. The colors are always synethic.

    I used to be a nail polish fiend myself. But I have really started to love natural nails. My nails are so strong, thick, smooth and shiney since I stopped using all products on them.

    One tip is to get one of those cloth nail buffers and use coconut oil or other “nail cream” you like and you will get some nice shiney nails. :)

  • I recommend Sante ones! I had been using them for a while, and they are quite good. I like the light pink so much, and I think this products don’t weaken my nails as the most commonly used nail polishes. The company has only natural products.

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    If you go to the health part in Save-On, they sell some more natural polish. I’m sure if you check out the HFS, they would too.


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