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Article on raw


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    It’s not often I agree with you. But, I believe it was well written too.

  • Excellent. I think I’ll make a copy and hand it out to all of my co-workers who make fun of my “weird diet”.

  • PamPam

    Wow, I’m sorry, that article was too arrogant for words: “It’s the diet of the few intelligent, lucid, advanced human beings who now inhabit this planet.” Is this really the way to get people to hear your message? I don’t think so. The content was excellent but the article is too self-congratulatory to be well received by the many people who might benefit from the message. I initially thought I could pass the article on but the more I got into it, the worse the condescending tone became. Girlygirl, I would urge you to put yourself in your co-workers shoes! But if you do give it to them, I’m interested to know how they respond.

  • Thank you SocaL. I loved it !!

  • I can relate to the whole being labeled extreme part of the article. I’m not killing animals for my existence. How can murder be thought of as normal? I get the label a lot, its a little frustrating. Its kind of like being the one sane person in the insane asylum, eh? (oops, was that example, too extreme? haha)

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I think the article has it’s good points and bad points. As far as the attitude (arrogant, etc.), I am wondering if the author is just mirroring the attitude that is often given to us when we talk about our lifestyle. I often get the same kind of arrogant response when I talk to someone about raw food, natural birth, and extended breastfeeding. I have always assumed that it is not a judgement on my choices, but a reflection of the fact that they didn’t make the same choices I did and they feel bad or guilty. People have many different protective responses when they feel threatened. I do like that he mentions that you don’t have to be 100% raw, or even 100% vegan to make a diffence in your health, the world, or the environment. It also brought up some questions for me that I would love other’s opinions about. Before going raw, my family and I had already made the conscious choice to not eat anything processed, that had chemicals, additives, dyes, etc. I pretty much made everything from scratch..bread, fruit spreads, etc. We didn’t use any unnatural sweeteners (only stevia). So, I was already “on the fringe” of society according to my friends, family, etc. This article made me wonder if I and my family would still be considered as SAD, and further, since I am the only one in my family that is raw…if because they are not, are they as bad off as a “typical” SAD’er that eats processed, packaged, etc. foods? Any thoughts?

  • Lots of opinions. If you check out the profile of the author you will see other things that he has written. I found many of them to be interesting.

    For the average person this seems like an extreme, but lining up at the drive-thru at a burger fast food restaurant in order to get a meal which doesn’t have a single ingredient that even resembles a natural food is normal. Things seem a bit upside down.

  • I believe that every one has the right to choose their way of living and eating. People get so prejudice when you are not doing what “society” is telling you,and the article is saying that.How they look at a person on raw food is a person that is extremist but they don’t see that they are eating no food at all but chemicals. I’m talking about the fast fooders.That’s the upside down thinking because they judge the raw diet and they eat chemicals. My family is like yours Spiritedmama and I believe that is a good way of eating.They have a wonderful health. My mother though is following me with the raw diet.I think that the raw food is the right and good way for me.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I agree that he came off as condescending. I also agree it does seem he is giving the same attitude that is provided to us from people on the SAD diet. I like the article because all the frustrations I felt he just sums it up in his article. I felt he was being defensive but in a way to help you remember and make an impact. I believe the author is trying to do a WOW! effect rather than trying to insult everyone and be mean. Everyone should eat what they want, but eat what they want with the knowledge of how that particular item is effecting them. I don’t think it is extreme to make every thing from scratch, that is how it use to be. When you review really old shows most of the shows had at home moms who cooked a full course meal from scratch. It wasn’t that long ago that society became obsessed with having there foods now. Also people forget about the Amish.

  • I do agree with you Joesc. I also believe that he was being defensive,and I am being defensive latelly too because I am tired of people being offensive and condescending with me.Maybe because I was too open about my way of living. I also believe that the majority of people today don’t care about what they are eating as long as it is fast and has sugar on it.

  • OK Pam. So I chickened out and did not share this with my co-workers yet. I just get tired of constantly defending my food choices and being labeled as “anorexic” by my coworkers. They are the malnourished ones, not me!

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