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I’m on the first day of my master cleanse today… anyone else? This is either my 3rd or 4th cleanse – I honestly can’t remember. I want to do 15 days, but probably will only stick with the 10. If anyone else is doing it, please let me know so we can do it together :) So much easier when you have someone to do it with! I’m freezing cold today and I remember this from last time… i’ll be adding even more cayenne to my 2nd batch of the day (i mix mine in a 32oz. container so that i have 3 servings to take with me. I’m not hungry so much, but i find it hard not to walk to the fridge or pantry to see what’s in there :) I’m just craving food. I can’t wait till i can have my mint tea tonight. I do the saline flush and not the senna tea – the senna upsets my stomach too much and then i can’t sleep. I’m off to do my yoga dvd now :)


  • I am on day 3 of MC. There is also another thread going with a group of people currently on the cleanse.

  • Hello. I am on day 4 of my 1st MC. Today does seem a little easier than yesterday, but I still think of food.

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    Tink… sorry to hear about your cousin cheating on the cleanse :( If you need support, i’m here :) I think of food all the time – things i wouldn’t normally want to eat! And, i’m in the same boat… husband and a 3 year old. Although, my husband came home from work today and informed me he was going to do the cleanse with me… we’ll see how long he lasts :) I wish i could keep myself busy – i stay at home with my son. It’s hard to sit in your house all day and not eat anything!!! So, i’m just trying to exercise more, take more naps, go to bed earlier, etc… sleep is an alternative to eating i guess! Stay strong and let me know if you need any motivation. I’m starving right now, but i’m going to have my last glass of lemonade before bed. I already had my mint tea for the day. I was so cold! Good luck! I wish it were day 10 already :) Looking forward to the orange juice at the end!

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    Reoir – thanks for letting me know. I tried to find one earlier, but i’m new to this “thread” thing… it’s great to know so many people are doing this!

  • Thanks Carrie. I stay at home too. So it is a huge challenge. I am going to start excercising today. Do you think that will help the weight come off a little more? I am planning on 10 days with this, but hoping to do 14. Thanks for your support. Thank goodness I found this sight and all the great people!!

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    Tink – Yeah, i went to exercise today too. I think it might help me get off some of my extra weight. I’ve been going to the gym regularly, but can only go twice a week while my son is in pre-school. The other days, i try to do a yoga video. Today, i drank a full glass of my lemonade before leaving home for the gym. I started feeling a little odd towards the end of my workout. On Thursday, when i go again, i’ll bring some lemonade with me and take a few sips 1/2 way through my workout. I think i burned off all the calories in the first drink and i sweat a lot, so i think my body flushed everything out quickly. I still feel a little off and i’m not sure why. I have a “rushed” feeling in my head – like when you get up too quickly. I haven’t had that feeling in a while! I think my blood sugar just needs to catch up! I plan on doing the 10 also and if i can push any more out, i will! I wish i had the stamina to do more! I think once my son is older and i don’t have to constantly cook for him, it will be better and i can do it longer! It is hard having children at home while doing this! I feel your “stay at home” pain :) I cooked my son a grilled cheese today and it smelled so delicious! What got me was the watermelon he was eating! I have been craving banana’s since before i started this cleanse, so i’m going ot make sure i have bananas when i finish :) Good luck and if you need any motivation at all, justlet me know :)

  • Thanks Carrie, I appreciate it. I know you did the MC before, how did you transition back to eating? I know the orange juice is recommended. But what about after that? This is my first MC and can’t wait to eat again. If I remember right, you can eat more on the third day after? The cravings have seemed to go away alot, but it’s the preparing everyone else’s food that really stinks. The other day my kids wanted gummy bears. Got them from this great candy store that makes their own, I couldn’t stop smelling them. Crazy, huh? Well, thanks for everything.

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    Tink – I transitioned like in the book… although, i’ve never done this as a raw foodist – just realizing that now. So, before, i think i did 2 full days of OJ. At the end of the 2nd day, i prepared the soup just like in the book. The 3rd day, i tried to eat healthy things – fruits, veggies, salad, things like that. I tried keeping that up for a while, but if your not a raw foodist, you fall back into that slump. Now, i have to read up and follow the rules for raw foods… i will keep doing the 2 days OJ but will probably have some fruit on the end of the 2nd day. I really have to read it and see what it says… i think it says something along the lines of eating on the first OJ day, but i’m not going to do that. I’ll do 2 oj days ;) I love it! I know how you feel about preparing! You should check out I bought the book and i love it – the recipes are delicous and easy! The only thing i can say about raw foods is that if you find the taste odd the first bite, don’t give up. Have a few more bites of it and if you really don’t like it, it’s okay :) I like my raw foods in more of a “raw” state… i don’t like to add too many odd things to make it taste good – veggie and fruit taste good the way they are :) Eating raw is easy and tastes soooo good – you just have to stick with it! I find that if i even taste something i’m making for my family, i end up sneaking in a few secret bites! Then,i feel like garbage later (I eat raw because of stomach problems i’m having). I hope this all helps you :) I’m jealous that your on day 5! I wish i were there already! Top it off, my son comes home from pre-school today with a whole box of Gertrude Hawk chcolates to sell! Thank God i’m on the cleanse!!!!!

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