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Hi all, I’m going to be picking up my Excalibur in a few weeks and need some cookbook recomendations. The ones I have don’t have much dehydrated stuff in them.

The 2 things I’m looking for are:
  • Foods that travel well
  • Foods that will knock the socks off my cooked eating family and friends.

Here are my favorite cuisines:

(Obviously, I’m not expecting any cookbook to have all of these, but it gives you an idea of what I like…)

  • Australian/British (i.e. meat pies, scones, trifle etc.)
  • Malaysian/Indonesian (i.e. curry puff, rendang, mee goreng etc.)
  • Indian
  • Thai
  • French
  • Scandanavian desserts (i.e. cardamom bread)

Thanks for all your help :)


  • My two favorite raw cookbooks are “Raw Food Real World” and “Rawvolution.” They both are easy to follow, are filled with beautiful inspiring pictures and result in delicious dishes. Some of the recipes call for a dehydrator and others can be whipped up in a snap with a blender or tossed together in a bowl. I recommend the macaroons in the “Raw Food Real World” book. They are easy to make and travel well. You can even buy them premade at

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    It sounds as though you’d like Rainbow Green Live-Food Couisine. I was hesitant at first to make the recipes as there aren’t any pictures, but have really enjoyed everything I’ve made so far. And, there is a fairly wide variety of cultural influences – from pad thai to challah bread.

    Couple others: Rawvolution is quite easy to follow and love the pictures. However, most of the recipes are too sweet or salty for my taste – so I always adjust beforehand. Also, Vegan World Fusion is fantastic. About half of the recipes are raw, all are vegan.

  • Check out the forum at There is a gal there, Stephanie, who works for Excalibur and is always posting things to make in the dehydrator. PLUS, you can ask her questions through that forum, too.

  • Thanks, for the suggestions everyone! I’ll look into those :)

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I just received the cookbook Raw by Juliano as a gift. I have yet to make the recipes, but they look to be an interesting mix of dishes. And, the pictures are great, too. The only drawback is that many of the recipes have long ingredients lists.

    Also, there’s a blog called Raw Food, Right Now! that has been reviewing recipes (and recipe books). I’d love to hear which books you go with and what you think of them! I am constantly amazed at how many raw cookbooks there are out there.

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    Gotta put in a plug for my own recipe ebooks…hope no one minds, but I’m really proud of them. I teach Raw food classes in Arizona and prepare Raw foods for many people. I’m always asked for my recipes, so I made them available in ebooks on my website. They’re really really great. I think you’ll love them. Cheers! Chef Kristen Suzanne 

  • Hey Kristen,great job on your website..i also went to living light in March..what a great experince it was…..... a great cookbook is Cafe Gratitude’s book that just came can fine it on

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    Thanks! I have to give thumbs up to the Cafe Gratitude book as well. I really like it. They use Irish Moss quite a bit, so if you’re not familiar, that might take a little learning. But, they have great food at their restaurants and in their book. Cheers! Chef Kristen Suzanne 

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