Maranatha almond butter?

Does anyone know if this is truly raw? It says raw, but I really don’t know!

It would be nice if it was, it has a much lower price point thatn Artisana!



  • Hi Luna blu

    I came across this hope it helps…

  • Thanks. Well, so much for convienence and price! :(

  • I was disappointed to find this too, but after buying 4 jars on sale at $4.50 a jar, I’ve decided it will be part of the percentage of my diet that is not raw. Regardless of the exact temperature, the nuts are not roasted and there is no oil or preservatives added which i love.

  • And on a further note, the almond butter at Trader Joe's is sourced from Maranatha.

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    As you probably already know if you've looked into it, the only way you can buy unpasteurized, truly raw almonds is to get them from a farmer's market vendor (not required to pasteuirize) or from Europe.

    Make friends with someone in California who can get them locally and then grind your own!

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