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Newbie - HELP!

jenlivignijenlivigni Raw Newbie

Hi All,

I’m a newbie to raw eating. I’m looking for some guidance…what are the basic rules? I’ve read about being able to use heat, up to a certain point…not being able to eat yogurt (does this mean all dairy is out?). I’m just wondering…I’m not totally raw, but am trying to incorporate more into my life, and will see where it goes from here.

What are some things – health-wise – I should look for when starting a raw diet?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




  • Hello! Welcome to the life of raw food!!! I am still new and have found a few books to be really helpful. 12 steps to raw food by Viktoria Boutenko is great…it gives you all the tid bits that will help…also Natalia Rose’ books are great…...but to answer your question yes dairy is out. You can make your own almond milk and other nut milks….I have yet to try this but will soon….Good luck and enjoy! :)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Hi Jen, and welcome!

    If you heat foods over 118 the enzymes are destroyed = dead food, no longer considered raw.

    Anything in a jar or can = not raw

    Any comercially produced dairy = not raw. They must pasturize the milk.

    Look for foods that clearly state raw on the lable, and then go to their website to make darn sure.
    Obviously all fruit and veg in the produce section of your market is raw!

    Start off slowly! Maybe do 50% at first until you feel it’s going well, then add a bit more raw. You don’t even have to be 100% raw 75% or 85% is good too. Do the best you can!

    An increase of energy is the first thing you should notice on raw.

    Depending where you are from, I can recomend on-line sources of some great usually taboo food items!

    Get yourself a really good beginners book, if you haven’t already.

    Well, i hope that helps! :)

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Jen – Welcome to Gone Raw! Here’s a link to some starting out advice:

  • I wanted to note, since Natalia Rose was specifically mentioned by Sarm, that she does advocate the use of raw dairy products. I have on occasion used them and have found i have less of a reaction to them than i would eating conventional dairy, but find it’s not worth the expense and hassle to find a small community farmer who i feel comfortable buying raw dairy from.

    There have been many threads lately about raw being vegan, but it is entirely a personal choice whether you chose to include animal products, such as raw dairy or raw honey, into your diet.

  • I came across raw foods going to the library. I started out slowly but have always been a veg. eater.I guess it felt a bit easier to go into raw foods because of how I have been eating for years.
    My suggestions are def. green smoothies and salads,read,read,read all you can and include superfoods of your choice.If on a budget,farmers markets and bulk foods.For me personally,even though all look super yummy,I tend to eat simply and rarely make complicated recipes. I have been high raw for over 2 years and at times will eat cooked vegan food but usually save that for outings with friends.
    Stay as raw in the beg. as you feel comfortable,raw 2years still learning. Good luck to you and of course visit this site often.

  • cannibalwarriorcannibalwarrior Raw Newbie

    No rules, no raw food police. Just gradually try and increase the fresh fruits and veggies you eat.

    This is a vegan board, so no dairy/meat/eggs etc.

  • jenlivignijenlivigni Raw Newbie

    Thanks so much everyone…especially for the information I can read! That’s what I need to do. I’ve been having smoothies for breakfast for about a week now, the last three days have been “green” – pretty yummy! Also, adding lots of salads to the daily menu, too.

    I am such a dairy eater, that I’m not sure about getting rid of that…yet. We’ll see what the future brings.

    Thanks again, I truly appreciate the guidance.

    Happy Healthful Eating!

  • Hi Jen,
    I was a big dairy eater too I liked yoghurt so much, it took me a lot of time to get rid of it, something like 6-7 months or so, but finally I managed. Take your time and you will be able to do it if you really want.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi, You might want to read why we are vegan(no dairy), try here:

    Another source of info about why dairy ain’t such a great idea would be the book The China Study.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hi Jen, After a year of reading insatiably and increasing my raw percentage, I finally went raw. What did it take a year of transitioning? I had to really understand the whole concept, try out recipes, and believe that raw was the best thing for me. It’s those little changes that make a difference. Replace your snacks. Then breakfast, then dessert, etc … eventually you’ll be so happy with raw, you’ll forget about all things cooked! At least thats what happened for me.

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