Fruitarians and mushrooms

What is the fruitarian stance on mushrooms? I know they aren’t classified as fruit, but the part of the mushroom we eat is the “fruit” of the fungus. The fungus isn’t killed if we pick and eat it’s mushroom cap, and if I go mushroom hunting with a mesh bag, I’m spreading the spores and helping it to propagate(much like spreading the seeds from fruit.)

So, mushrooms: fruitarian or not?


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    those are some awesome points. It all depends on what kind of fruitarian you are. Many fruitarians stick to just sweet fruits while other will eat a combo of sweet and non-sweet fruit. Mushrooms aren’t categorized as a fruit as you said above. They are a fungus so they probably would not be consumed by a fruitarian.

  • Mannn. I wish there was ‘shroom huntin’ in philly lol

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