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Gone Raw Podcast?

How about the possibility for gone raw members to record their own pod casts and have them put together for a Gone Raw Podcast? Could be talking about recent events or things in the news, recipes, newest discoveries in the raw area or just personal comments on raw food.

Whatcha think?


  • This sounds really interesting. We’ve though about putting out a podcast that shows us trying out various recipes on the site, etc. What sort of recordings would you be interested in?

  • Hey. A Podcast would be great with recipes. I also think that any current news or developments in the raw-scene would be great to keep us all updated. Any commentaries on anything raw would be interesting especially from people all around the world with different views.

  • Could also have people who like to make videos for youtube have a link or reference in their shows for the site :). Got to love free publicity.

  • Great idea!

  • My most favorite podcast is on ON Networks It’s the Food Science one. I like the background of the show too. Yes, I know… it’s all about cooking. But, it’s also all about food! I like the science/educational aspect of it.

    I would love to see a “Science of Raw Foods”. It would be awesome! The pod cast could answer questions specific to raw foods. Similar to what I have seen here on the University of Guelph website.

    I imagine the food science class from the Living Light Raw Foods Culinary School would be the kind of information I would like to see. Then again, they are planning to have their own podcast too.

  • i was just looking online today for a raw podcast.. I can’t seem to find one yet.. it would be great if the goneraw site had one! I’m already on here soo much & still can’t get enough :)

  • Artzy- try googling “raw foods podcast”. I found a ton of them!

  • i was doing that earlier and found a few that I had to pay for.. i lost interest and started surfing the web….....i guess i will keep at it and see if i can find some for free.. thanks!

  • Alissa Cohen has raw podcasts on her rawkin radio shows.

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