helping me get back on track!

I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas and I did pretty good the first 2 days but then I gave in and had some bread,then I tried some cooked foods and now im haveing a little hard time getting back on track. Any advice or support would be great! What do you do to help you get back on track? thanxs!!


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    the one time I fell off the wagon, I got back on track with morning grapefuit/ginger juice and an avocado salad later. The citris and the fats and greens helped a lot!

  • JKMN, I think Alix1962’s suggestion is great, citrus is fabulous for cleansing. In general although fasts and cleanses may speed up the process there really is no substitute for just getting back on the raw food train and enjoying the growing benefits. I find if I’ve had a bit more sprouted bread and/or dehydrated stuff then usual and my body feels down, it takes about a week of very high % raw to feel good as new. If you find you don’t have the taste for veggies and raw recipes as much make some fabulous, zingy dressings, and some recipes that mimic cooked food. Then as your taste changes and your body becomes accustomed you’ll find you’ll enjoy the fruits and veggies in their more natural form. Also some green smoothies for meals can pack a lot of energizing nutrients in at once. Try to get in one a day (usually breakfast is easiest). Also lots of water, and green tea. Best Wishes!

  • Hey JKMN :) Before I went 100% raw again recently, I was eating some of the worst foods, kicking myself thinking…”I have such passion for the raw diet!!! WHY am I DOING this!” After a mini detox with a friend, and some inspiring videos, I am totally COMMITTED. I realized I had an issue with COMMITTMENT. I watched this video on youtube…this girl does 100% raw, and I related to her because of my food addiction in the past and what not…and she shares some great insight…I don’t know if you’re looking to lose weight, but if that’s not what raw is about for you, then just overlook the weightloss aspect of the video…

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Hey JKMN, Alix is right. Citrus and greens.
    Try green smoothies – the orange julius on the recipe pages is quick and satisfying. Stay off the dried fruit and nuts.

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