Recently I heard the raw food chef Elaine Love saying that plastic leeches into the food. Anyone knows anything about that? Do you know if it leeches evrytime or when it goes to the dehydrator? Can I keep my bread in the plastic container? For how long?Does it need to be refrigerated or not?


  • Plastic compounds do leach into foods and beverages, especially when frozen or microwaved(not a concern in this forum). The specific compound to worry about is bisphenol-A. To be safe, I would store things in ceramic or glass containers or be certain to buy bisphenol-A free plastiware.

    I don’t know about the dehydrator, but I would keep the bread in the refrigerator. Wrapping it in wax or brown paper would probably be good enough for most sprouted breads.

  • Thank you Justine.I’ll do that.I’m very worry about my carrot bread.

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