I want to pre-chop

Hi! I’m very new to all this. I want to be able to feed my family fresh vegetables and fruit all the time, so I am looking for ways to streamline the process. Is it ok to shred stuff like carrots, jicama etc in largish (1-lb) quantities and bag it in the fridge to use over the week? Or will this leach out all the vitamins? Any other timesaving tips would be welcome. Thanks!


  • Hi Chris412,

    I just finished my salad chopping for the week. I take my mandolin out and shred carrots and slice onion for the week every Sunday! It usually takes me about 30 minutes, but during the week when I’m alone with my 3 month old every second counts. My carrot shreds keep for the entire week as do my onion slices.I usually keep them in tupperware. (Although I just read that post about plastic?...I need to do some research)

  • I get an organic vegetable delivery service every week and I share a fridge with several roomies so I HAVE to chop and store as soon as possible. I cut up the celery into sticks and keep them soaked in spring water. Same with carrots. Cabbages keep well and I keep them cut in halves and stored in airtight containers. Leaf-like veggies I wash, lay out on paper towels, and then lay flat in zip lock bags, stacked in the crisper drawer, air pressed out of the bag when sealing. I have some glass mason jars that I keep various cut up veggies in too like jicama, homemade salsa and guac, nut cheeses and marinating asparagus. I usually cut it all up on Sunday and it is good until Thurs or Friday. Experiment a bit and have fun! :)

  • gasp! I am so excited about this thread.

    I’m very interested in seeing what else people use for storage, and any tips. Ruhiyyihrose, you’re techniques seem very organized! i like it

  • Thank everyone I know that the main reason I have slip ups is the lack of planning. I love the specific instructions from Ruhiyyihrose…. I am making a plan today, which I am VERY good at…now I just need to FOLLOW through! Thanks again for the tips everyone!

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