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I’ve been tracking what I eat on www.fitday.com. Does anyone else track what they eat? I have found that I’m not getting enough protein. The nutritionist says 20% protein, 20% fat and 60% carbs. My fat to carbs ratio has been nearly 50/50, not 60/20. I eat avocados, once a day for the good fat but it really throws off my fat ratio. How do you get enough protein through out the day??


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the link – I haven’t been tracking what I’ve been eating, but am going to try using fitday for this week.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    eat a higher dose of greens like romaine lettuce,collards,spinach. When people hear greens they think no protein, low carbs, and trace amounts of fat. But the key is the quantity! A head of lettuce surprisingly has more protein than you think. Blend greens in with your smoothies or you could try to get some hemp protein. Hemp seeds have a very high amount of protein (11g per serving!)Dont trust fitday.com 100%. Just use it as an estimation tool. Good luck with everything and no matter what do not give up!

  • Good sources of protein are as humanimal says, greens. Green smoothies are powerful too. It’s pretty hard to consume the amount of greens normally, and making smoothies is an excellent way to get that amount of whole foods into you. Just make sure you chew. Some greens I’d suggest are sunflower sprouts and wheatgrass. They’re both pretty high up there in protein and nutrient capability.

  • try using spirilina very high in protein

  • Amen to green smoothies nixo.

  • The human body only needs about 10% of it’s calories from protein. Human breast milk is about 5 to 6% protein from calories. Do you really think that an adult would need more protein than a growing baby? I would ignore nutritionists who claim we need more than 10%. Where is the evidence? The excess just clogs our body and it must be removed by the liver, blood and kidneys.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Here’s a few thoughts on your question. What are your nutritionists numbers based on? Are they based on studies done on cooked food eaters? It sounds like old information. Is your nutritionist Raw? Because if they are not, then I would not trust their opinion on nutrition. We’ve been taught that we desperately need protein, but nothing could be further from the truth. Protein deficiency caused by diet is only found in cases of severe starvation. Many plant foods have protein. Both spinach and broccoli have near twice the protein of beef. If you really want a lot of detail get a few books by Dr. Gabriel Cousins. He bores me to tears but a lot of folks like his information. At least his studies are done on people who eat at least 70% raw. I am 100% Purely Raw and I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I am 41 and in super health and I feel great every day. Some of my days include 4 to 6 avocados, so my ratio must be whacky.

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