Blendtec, Excalibur, Vitamix

I am offering the best prices online with free shipping….so if I can help you to get some great tools for your raw journey let me know.

Vitamix : $ 319 with free shipping
Blendtec Total Blender: $ 349 with free shipping
Excalibur: depends on size but I have been price :)

Sandi Krakowski
Office: 574.971.8762

ps…. Looking for a great raw whole food to take when you travel?


  • How much is the excalibur dehydrator with 9 trays and 9 teflex sheets?

  • I would be interested to know the same thing as rawclaire. I was about one click away from purchasing an excalibur from Theirs is $210 with free shipping.

  • Do you ship to Canada? I’m also interested in the excalibar.

  • what model is the vitamix?

  • Yes, we are all interested in buying a dehydrator! :)

  • Same question as Allison, what model is the vitamix?

  • Guys, I got my new excalibur 9 tray dehydrator off of ebay for $175 with 6 free sheets and free shipping.

    RawClaire if u get a dehydrator I feel some awesome recipes coming on!

  • sgmom2 – lol yes! I actually already have a dehydrator, but it’s old and doens’t work well. Once I get a digital camera (few weeks) I’ll be able to put pictures in for my recipes! :) I need the price of the dehydrator! :)

  • My excalibur works great and I couldn’t find a better price than I got for $175.

  • Where did yu find it for $175? Did they include the teflex sheets?

  • I got mine off of ebay, yes he included 6 dehydrator sheets but the sheets are not by excalibur. They work fine and he says they will last twice as long as the paraflexx sheets. I LOVE my excalibur. He says to make a best offer and I offered 175 and he accepted that offer with free shipping. He may have accepted lower? I at least wish I would have tried.

  • sgmom2, what ebay seller did you buy it from? That’s an awfully good price. Was it new?

    Later – never mind, I found it.

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