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So Im thinking of starting a juice feast in May and I was wondering for those who have done them did you juice a juicer or a blender and nutmilk bag? I don’t have a juicer so my mother is willing to buy one for me when I come home but since I already have a blender so willing on that, I keep telling her I need a high power once like vitamix or blendtec. Ill be working in the summer though so maybe then I can save up. Anyway so for anyone who has done the juice feast which did you use? I know that Katrina and David of the Global Juice Feast at using the blender, I guess its less clean up.


  • I only do juice feasting for half of the day and then I have a salad for my dinner. I haven’t tried with the juicer as I have never wanted one for some reason. I use the nutmilk bag way but instead I use flour bags. Which are just large cotton towel like cuts of fabric “white” and they work great. I have friends who bust there nut milk bags and ruin there juice. This way has work for me and I have to juice for me and my wife at 4am in the morning . The clean up is minimal depending on how good you are in the kitchen. Just make sure you soak you towels in a mixture of water and food grade peroxide until you get home. Then I just throw them in the washer ” note I use a natural detergent” I don’t suggest using the store bought stuff as it leave behind tons of residue and that wouldn’t be good in your juices. Save your money for your vitamix I would say.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    ive done like 15 fasts and read alot on juicers / blenders / fasting :

    • ive juiced alot of times by taking whatever type tool i could from potato masher to rock and smashing up my fruits/vegis in a big pot til a mush , then added water and let sit a while before straining through fine mesh metal kitchen strainers . i like the taste of the juice better this way as opposed to the airated juices caused by my blender or juicer . plus my juicers alot to clean . for months ive been looking for some way to put like a 5 lb block of metal on the end of a handle (like a hammers made) to make a real heavy duty plant masher to make juices in a pot because i really dont like how they get airated by the high speed machines . ive also been looking for the little apple presses used to make applecider . or theres this thimng called i think a virtruo strainer , gardeners use it to seperate the pulp from juices when canning tomatoes and things . its hand cranked so slow and thusly not airating the stuff . im thinking use this hand cranked devive then add water and strain through a fine mesh strainer .

    and ive also juiced by filling blender half with water then adding whatever plants and blending them up then straining , and ive just a basic blender . and it works fine .

    also ive seen tons of raw foodist start and buy everything then a year later say that they only use their blender .

    and if you do buy a juicer my opinions buy the ’ champion ’ , its been proven for like 40 years or around . i know people that have theres for 30 years i think . its super heavy duty and simple . theyve 2 versions , a household and commercial model and the commercials just 20 more so evveryone says its best to get the commercial for the extra power which’ll make it last longer . and ide suggest getting the one in black because ive a white juicer and after a while juices get in the seams and are hard to get all out and make the juicer look dirty . theres a site that sells the champion commercial juicer for 220 free postage . i think its www.tendecades.com , i’ll bring back link in case anyone wants it , its the best price ive seen for the commercial .

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    heres exact link to juicer at site , color options to the right .

    http://www.tendecades.com/catalog/item/3229308/... ...

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’ve been doing the blender and nut bag routine with great results. My blender sucks, so I have to add some water to get it going, but I don’t mind.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I have an Omega juicer. So I juice!

    I would recomend a good juicer. The Auger or masticating kind. They don’t heat up the juice due to friction. I just love mine. They usually come with a blank plate as well, so you can make nut butters or ice cream/sherberts!

    Champion, Omega, Greenstar, are the three brands I know of.


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    just thought ide drop off a link to a thread with several champion juicer owners opinions , link =

    http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=373… ...

  • Does the blender method of juicing produce as much juice as you get from say a Greenstar juicer? I have a champion. I’ve had it since 1983 and it’s gotten tons of usage and I think it’s a great juicer but it really does not juice greens well at all. I would like to get a Greenstar for greens but can’t afford it right now.

  • Thanks everyone! I just bought some cheese cloth….I think I use that to straight the pulp out for awhile right? Right now I want to try to make some nut milks!

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