Favorite Recipes?

On the Gone Raw homepage, below the newest recipes category is a”Favorite Recipes” category. How do recipes become favorite ones? I’m just curious, after seeing it for a long time and not knowing what it is. So, what is it?


  • When you view a recipe there’s a button on the right side that says “Add to favorites”. Just click it. :)

    It would be super-groovy if the recipe lists (like the main recipe page) had icons or something that showed which recipes where in your favorites and also which recipes you’ve commented on.

  • I agree! Also, I didn’t know about the “add to favourites” either!

  • Ooops, my bad! The favorites on the homepage are just recipes with a high rating (I’m guessing). The button on the right side of every recipe is to add to your “recipe box” so you can build a collection of your own favorites.

  • Oh ok, so the favorite recipes is just recipes with the highest rating, the recipe with the most people who rated it five stars? Makes sense to me ::)

  • Good question. A recipe becomes a “favorite” by its average rating. There’s some little nuances to how it works, but basically, if it gets a ton of five-star ratings, it will probably show up on there. It’s different from your recipe box.

  • Thanks! That makes sense. :)

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