Source for raw nuts?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there had a recommendation for a good (inexpensive) website that sells raw nuts. Our local Whole Foods is breaking the bank on the nut bill and I know there must be a better/cheaper way! Also, I’m assuming it’s important to stick to organic nuts? What is the general concensus on that?


  • Hello. I ran across these two websites, and just from comparing against others they seem to be pretty reasonable. I have not yet ordered from them yet. I plan to in the next couple of days.

    Website Link

    Website Link

  • Sorry. The first link is for Tierra Farm and the second one is for Nuts Online.

  • in Maine. Don’t know about the prices. I haven’t done a lot of comparison shopping. I’ve ordered from them several times and have been very impressed with the quality of everything I’ve ordered.

  • beepsandclicksbeepsandclicks Raw Newbie

    thanks, ladies!

  • definitely, I order from them all the time, they’re great, ship really fast and they keep their nuts refrigerated to reduce spoilage

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