5 tray or 9 tray dehydrator?

Hello. Going to be buying an excalibur dehydrator. Was wanting to get some feedback on which model might be better for me. I am sorta new to raw and am wanting to try a bunch of recipes that call for a dehydrator. I also have a 3 and 6 year old that I would like to make healthier snacks for. ANY input would be great! Thanks.


  • I just bought a 9 tray and before I had a 4 tray. I have two little ones. The 9 one is huge, and at first I thought too big for me, but I use it a great deal. I probably should have gotten something in between the two sizes. But definately the 4 tray was too small for my new passion!!!
    Good luck!

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    I am still saving however someone I trust told me that she started with a 4 tray and fairly quickly upgraded to a 9 tray. Even though I am only dehydrating for one person, I will invest in the 9 tray – I think it will be worth it.

  • I was wondering the same thing. I would only be using a dehydrator for myself and thought the 5 tray would be sufficient, plus I have limited space for equipment. Is the 5 tray enough for one person?

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    The 4 tray dehydrator has 11 inch panels, the 5 tray and 9 tray have 14 inch panels. So, the size of the 5 tray or the 9 tray will be the same on the counter, the 9 tray will just be taller. I hope this helps.

  • I bought the 9 tray and exchanged it for the 4 tray because the 9 tray fan was too loud for my tiny, open living space. If noise were not an issue, I’d get the 9 tray absolutely. In fact, I wish I had one now. It sure would be nice to be able to produce more crackers etc at once.

    When I checked, all models were in a similar price range.

  • New to RAW I bought the less expensive NESCO American harvest dehydrator. Kept adding trays, protesting that the Excalibur was too big, too expensive, too unnecessary. Four months into RAW I bought the 9-Tray and it is AWESOME! There are not enough adjectives to describe just how great it is! Trays of crackers, breads and tomatoes drying all at once. It’s great!

  • Word to the 9 tray. You can make more stuff to eat all week.

  • Thanks everyone for the input so far!! Looks like a 9 tray will be getting a new home!

  • I have the 5 tray. I am the only one in my house who eats my raw creations and I wish I had a 9 tray!

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