Your first raw meal?

Do you guys remember it? We had our very first completely raw meal together as a family tonight and it was great. We has asian wraps with nori and napa cabbage as the leaves. I then set up a platter with, julienned veggies consisting of; cucumber, carrots, green onion, zucchini,avacado and bean sprouts. We had a side of marinated mushrooms and a side of sliced tomatillos sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper. The dipping sauces were the peanut and sweet ginger sauce on this site. Bless whoever posted these. they were absolutly delicious. We finished our meal with a bowl of sherbet made from oranges, banana and strawberries. My husband raved about it and my 3 year old had so much fun stuffing and rolling her little wraps. It was so cute when she told her daddy,”Heyyyyy, no double dipping!” I can’t wait to try more dishes. tomorrow we are having Kandace’s tortilla wraps with the walnut meat stuffing, yum. Who knew healthy could tase this good!


  • so happy for you,sgmom2 what fun!!!! I cannot remember my very,very first raw meal but I do however remember when I went back to raw after some back and forth moments and made mocksalmon pate and marinated mushrooms with a side of my cilantro “noodles”,I even got my non raw and meat eating boyfriend to eat. How lucky you are that your whole family participated and enjoyed!!!!!
    Keep us posted!
    Tonight…hippie” salad as my boyfriend calls it and actually liked it,seeds and gogi berries included!
    Oh,now I wish I knew my first RAW meal,been so long now. Good for you,very happy you shared.

  • My first raw meal was a disgusting avocado, chocolate “pudding” from a local raw vegan restaurant. It was vile. Since then, I generally avoid raw “meals.” I try some new recipes occasionally, but I mostly stick to salads and just eating fruits, veggies, and nuts as is, with minimal prep work.

  • Yes I love it sgmom2 I know the feeling as well as the anxiety. I think our first was a raw lasagna and a cheesecake. It was so funny I didn’t have a dehydrator at the time and I had to use my stove with the door open. I sat the food down on the table and just held my breath. They tasted the first bite and smiles appeared. It was such a joyful occasion. Keep it up it only gets better.

  • ardesmond2,please,please help ..I do not have a dehydretor and have been high raw for 2-3 years now how can I do that with just my reg. oven,thanks.Wonderful hw you did this with a family oh and raw lasangna,that seems so well gourmet:)!

  • Mine was a raw peach pie as featured on the garden diet raw site.

    It was yum and I even took it to a regular vegan potluck meal and they all loved it too!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Aside from my own salads, i guess my first raw “meal”, made from a recipe here, was that herb-encrusted mock “steak” made from Portabello mushrooms. I never was a real meat-eater but the sauce sounded so awesome and it was! The veggie side dish and sauce was great, too.

    After that, I made my own “creamy” basil/tomatoe soup one night. Mmmmm.

  • Okay give it up Alix1962! Share that creamy basil/tomato soup recipe. Sounds delish!

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