Completely new to the raw diet, have questions, and really need some help !

I just started the raw diet lifestyle. I’ve read some books and have done some serious mental peparations. So far I’ve been eating just plain fruits and veggies all the time, and I would really love to get into making some awesome raw dishes soon!! But I have some questions before I can do that.
Here are some of the questions I can think of at the moment:

- Which type of sesame seeds would you consider the best for making milk ?

- Can I buy regular uncooked sesame seeds for sesame milk at regular grocery stores? Which websites sell raw sesame seeds for the best price without having to worry about bad quality ? [I’m new to ordering foods online too!]

- Is Ebay reliable for raw food purchases ?

- All in all, which sites are the best for raw food purchases ?

- I’m going to be starting a new garden soon to celebrate my new lifestyle, what kind of foods do you think I should grow ?

- If I had the money I would buy organic all the time, but I don’t have too much to be spending on produce. Are organic fruits and veggies really worth the dollar ?

- What are some tasty, simple recipes to start with ?

I would love it if I could find someone to talk to who has experience in ‘raw foodism’ since I’m so new to all this. I don’t think I can go raw very long if I don’t have someone to talk to about it =/[my friends and family think I’m crazy and just wasting a lot of money doing this].

Thanks for any help.


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I personally like beige sesame seeds better than the black ones, but when making milk I always blend sesame and nuts – I don’t like plain sesame. I can’t recommend any websites cuz I don’t buy my food that way, but I’ve noticed in the forums that loads of people do. I think it would be great to grow tomatoes for starters. Organic or not-buy what you can afford, just make sure you buy organic whenever getting the “dirty dozen” or any thin skinned fruit. A lot of people here seem to buy conventional bananas and avocado. One of my favorite recipes is Pest Stuffed Mushrooms, but search this site and see what strikes your fancy. :)

  • Heya! Welcome to Gone Raw and to the Raw lifestyle. I myself have only been dabbling for around a month but am enjoying learning and slowly transitioning to raw food. Asking lots of questions is the best way to grow. :)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I get an organic farm share in summer – but I can’t afford organic the rest of the year. I think it’s a matter of choice. Tasty simple recipes, on this site, are: ants on a log, zucchini hummus, collard green wrapped chopped vegetables, broccoli salad, marinated kale salad, sesame lemon avocado. (Search for these words on this site food section- the recipes will show up) I recommend stocking your freezer with frozen bananas, berries, and other fruits. Then you can make a smoothie whenever. Keep around some dates and walnuts. To get raw nuts, simply buy unshelled ones at the store and a nutcracker! Then there’s no need to order online.

    Some folks I know think it’s crazy to do this – but it’s so worth it, when i think about how many potential illnesses I’m avoiding (and avoiding weight gain!) plus all the added energy! I would be crazy… NOT to eat raw. Try reading some of the preview pages of victoria boutenko’s book at google books online. It’ll get you started.

    I found that some dehydrated foods were tricky at first… I reccommend making a very small test batch (if you have a dehydrator). If you don’t, I’d say that a high speed blender should be your first big investment – you might want a vitamix with a dry and wet blade. Then you can have green smoothies, which are amazingly beneficial. BUT don’t worry if you don’t have fancy equipment – it’s totally possible to be raw without that.

    I recommend varying your purchases. Don’t buy the same types of fruits/veggies/greens every week – change it up. My grocery list for one week might include cucumber, lettuce, dressing ingredients (garlic, tahini, oil, lemon), parsley smoothie ingredients bananas, apples, kiwi, mangoes sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli (wash and chop – keep em handy in the fridge) zucchini for zuke hummus dip – or try other dips (artichoke dip) olives – lots of these! I buy them fresh from an olive bar in the grocery store – the jarred ones may not be raw(?) look for fresh premade salsa @ the store to save time buy bags of prepackaged coleslaw or mixed slaw and top them with lemon tahini dressing

    then next week i might buy other salad greens, any veggies that can be chopped on a salad, melons, pomegranate, collards, etc

    It’s important to purchase things you’re excited about eating – and this might vary from week to week. Also, it’s totally worth splurging on a fruit/veg that’s a tad more expensive – think about all the money we save from not purchasing expensive cheeses, meats, etc etc.

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