Alternative to Braggs?

I’ve noticed a number of recipes use Bragg’s or soy sauce. For health reasons I need to avoid these products. What is a good alternative? Sea salt? Herbamare?


  • Well skinnoz there really isn’t one. You could use SALT water but you have to remember Salt is a useless and harmful inorganic chemical that should never be eaten.Nama shoyu is really not a healthy food at all. It a hard pill for some to swallow me as well as I had to slowly take this out of my family’s diet. There is a site called that could take a look at if you don’t get all of your answers from forums. I see you are new to this site I hope this does not scare you off, but it’s better to find out the truth about a lot of things then to be explained later you were in good faith making bad health decisions. PEACE and BLessings.

  • Added that to my ‘favorites’ – thank you!

  • tamari—naturally fermented, no wheat, and unpasteurized

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    If you marinate mushrooms in raw olive oil, salt and garlic and a touch of lemon juice, the liquid left over tastes exactly like these non raw products. I was under the impression that salt is an essential mineral and something we should have, in moderation, and unrefined… I usually just add salt to recipes, which I think tastes better than nama shoyu and braggs and tamari because they tend to be very strong, a bit too strong of a flavour for raw food. I like to taste my vegetables, not just the condiments.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    We need organic sodium. It is in unrefined sea salt, Himalayan salt, also in things like celery, tomatoes, kelp & watermelon. I use quite a bit of sea salt, and I feel great on it – not so much with Bragg’s or Nama Shoyu.

    Tamari is a soy product, right? These unpasteurized soy products (Nama Shoyu & miso included) are made from cooked soybeans, but then they are not pasteurized after they are cultured.

  • Zoe – That is fabulous!! How have you never shared that before (or maybe you have, I just missed it!) I usually use sea salt with a little warm water as a substitute for Nama or Braggs. Zoe’s creation sounds really flavorful. Can’t wait to try that. Thanks!

  • I need to avoid soy, as well as any excitoxins (ie. hydrolized soy protein). Unfortunate, since I do like soy sauce :(

    I will look into tamari (not sure what it’s made of) and the ‘mushroom juice’ sounds good!

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