Golden Flax seeds...

I have had a bag of these seeds in my fridge for atleast 6 months-

are they still good and what can I make with them ? I do not have a dehydrator or a vitablender.I would love to use them up.

Oh,also I saw a recipe from jinjee,cashew dip thing but it has coconut meat in it,because of recent talks on chemicals being used on them can anyone think of a substitution?Thanks for any help.


  • i think if they are whole, and in the fridge, they should still be fine. you can just grind in a coffee grinder and add them to smoothies or raw cake.

    i just bought some artisana coconut butter, and i have to say, it’s totally amazing. it’s blended organic coconut meat, not just oil, and is super creamy and delicious. you can also blend dried coconut in a food processor until it’s completely blended, often you have to scrape down the sides a few times. i know, the dried stuff isn’t totally raw, but coconut can hold up to much higher temperatures than most other foods.

  • thank-you mandelicious,I think I will need to get a new coffee grinder,my boyfriend would never ever let me use it.I have some ground flax that I have now for smoothies,sorry i bought that now-I had flax all along.

    I remember buying the flax seeds to make a “grilled cheese” has anyone ever made this?Obviously I have not but think I may have found the recipe here on gone raw. Please keep in mind I do not have a dehydrator.

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