Almond milk and the pulp

Hi, I love to make almond milk but I would like a few recipes or uses for the remaining pulp.

Thanks guys!

Love this website.


  • Anything that calls for ground flax you could use the almond flour. There is a cinnamon roll recipe on here somewhere that also calls for almond flour.

  • Would you need to dry the plup first and get the water out of it?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    You may need to dehydrate, it depends on the recipe. The cinnamon roll recipe you don’t. Also, I posted a recipe for almond orange cookies that uses the almond pulp left over from almond milk…it is in the cookie section of the recipes on this site.

  • I put the pulp in any of the recipes that I put in the dehydrator. The lemon cookies, etc..

  • You can make almond butter with it

  • It, as well as any pulp, can be added to breads

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