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OUCH - I ate unraw food last night...

My husband and I decided to go a little crazy last night and have a one night unraw food meal. We had burrito’s from our fave place, and ate them ALL. OUCH. I couldn’t even finish a whole one as a vegan!

So today, I am suffering badly. My belly hurts, I gained 5 pounds, I’m constipated. I will NEVER do that again.

How can I alleviate some of this pain?? Any suggestions? Anyone who can share a similar story so I don’t feel like such a loser?!?


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    When I have eaten my unraw foods that are in the cabinet (vegan chilli, soups etc) I always eat it with raw foods and in small portions throughout the day (only on one day), so I cannot say I fully understand what you are going through. I have done this every other weekend for the past month. I feel fuller when I have eaten those foods but not to the point of how you feel.

    When I was a pescetarian what I did to help tummy aches is drink ginger tea. If it is really bad I chew a piece of ginger but that was when I was bloated and had gas. If I feel constipated, I drink a lot of water, with a little lemon juice to absorb the water more. Papaya is good in soothing the stomach as well but it may make you throw up, depending on how sick you are.

    Laxatives are not good but if you feel adamant in using one, then use a light laxative such as drink some senna leave tea. Stay away from bananas because they will constipate you more.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Just thought I would mention: The feeling of fullness that we get from cooked food is actually a form of stomach paralysis. The stomach is shutting down because it is overwealemed. As cooked eater we learn to equate this feeling with satisfaction and fullness.

    This is one of the lesons I learned while doing regular (twice a week) water fasting as a cooked vegan. But I didn’t understand it until I read about it in ‘12 Steps to Raw’. Looking back on my SAD days, I really feel sick that I used to harm myself 3 times a day to the point of paralysing my stomach.

    When I first went raw, I really had to stuff myself to get anywhere close to a similar feeling. But it was never the same. I had to finally give up this method of stuffing down my emotions by eating. Loosing this vice was a tuff part of living raw for me.

  • Do an enema. It will get the food out of you faster and probably make you feel better.

  • I would definitely do the enema thing, it really helps. I also try to remember the pain of these times and the fact that it wasn’t worth it!!! I usually don’t even enjoy the food as much as I think I am going to. Today I count days being raw (currently 169) and that helps too. I get bogged down really bad with the depression feelings when I eat cooked food, and I NEVER experience them while eating raw!!! Good luck…............

  • Try a glass of warm water with lemon then going for a long walk-it will help the digestion process.

  • I read in Living Cusisine that have a bottle of food based enzyme supplement on hand and take those for the occasions when these slip ups happen. I feel ya…Chocolate cake last night and now knee pain , stomach ache, headcahe…..ughhh

  • I just did something like this too. I had been 100% for a whole two weeks – I was happy I was doing good. Then I add a appetizer plate of hummus and roasted pita bread and a super heavy microbrew (heavier than Guiness) that I wanted to try because at the last minute my bf and I ran into a friend of his and they wanted to go out for drinks on Saturday night.

    I regretted it the next day as my stomach was all gurgly and crampy and lots of air (no headache from the beer though!) but I think it was more from the heavy beer than the hummus and pita. I ate pretty much nothing the next day until around 8 pm and even than I couldn’t eat that much. I just drank water all day. I feel fine today so it only took me one day to recover. Still won’t do that again though – plus I was bummed I messed up my two weeks of perfection.:)

  • Hey I know the feeling, ouch for me too. I had to leave town for 2 days and wasn’t able to pack lunch, make myself dinner, shop for fruit and veg…and I ate cooked vegan, vegetarian. My mood was down this week, I feel all gassy and gurgly again, and I am slightly nauseated. Give it time, go back to 100% raw and the stuff you ate will work its way out, our bodies heal themselves…we are miracles…don’t feel bad, it happened just go back to what you were doing and you will feel better. Take care. Deasmiles :)

  • I have to go to a convention in Chicago next week for an entire week, and there are a ton of cocktail parties and fancy client dinners I have to attend. I’m already stressing about how much cooked food I’ll have to eat – I just don’t see a way to stay raw through it all. I have thought that I’ll see if there’s a produce place around near my hotel so I can at least stock the room with organic fruit to eat each day for breakfast and snacks.

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