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Website to find nutrition, calories, fat and protein??

I was on a website the other day that if you enter all the foods that you ate in that day, it tells you how many calories, fats, protein and nutrients you ate. But I forgot the website. What is it???


  • fitday.com, or calorieking.com?

  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie


  • I used to use fitday.com a lot. It is a good site.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I have troubles reading so I love this one: http://www.healthassist.net/nutrients/

  • I used nutridiary.com and it seemed to work great except that it does not show bee pollen which I take at least 2 TBSP every day or carrot juice which I take every now and then. I think because of that, iron is like 83% and calcium about 60%. Also, I only have about 1700 calories. I thought I ate a lot. No wonder I am underweight. Should I be worried about my calories, maybe eating more nuts or more avocados???

  • I use nutritiondata.com, I really like it. For bee pollen and other items, like tocos, etc. I have to manually enter it in my pantry. I can also add the ingredients in a recipe I make and save it as such. Very convenient.

    1700 may be too low if you are active. I’d strive for at least 2000.

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