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Up until I became raw, I was taking Nordic Natural Cod Liver Oil to ensure my nursing 13 month-old was getting high levels of DHA through my milk. What are the best foods or raw supplements to ensure she continues to get the same benefit? Also, any mom’s with toddlers: what kind of diet do your kids have? I admit, I’m feeding my daughter some chicken and wild salmon to ensure she doesn’t suffer b-12 deficiency. Is anyone well-read on healthy veggie diets for toddlers? I need to get busy researching.


  • It was my understanding that mother nature takes care of what should be in your milk if you are eating a healthy diet and that supplements aren’t needed. I started going raw a few weeks before I stopped nursing (my baby was almost 15 months old) and I worried about toxins being released into my milk so I weaned him a little sooner than I had wanted to. As for feeding my kids now (19 months and almost 3) I alway let them try food that I’m eating and go from there. If they really like something- I tend to give it to them on a regular basis. They love whole fruit, smoothies, grated tubers with asian dressing, and some of the seed pates and dips that I make. Personally, I don’t stick to a rigged vegan diet for them and they eats lots of cooked veggies, veggies and dip, whole grain products, organic yogurt and cheeses. Until I become extremely comfortable with raw myself, I feel like I shouldn’t be meddling too much with my kids diet because there is a lot of (good intentioned) people who are unfortunately passing out wrong information (and I don’t mean raw- just nutrition related). There is a family on the internet (don’t remember their names, but shouldn’t be hard to find) that thrives on their raw diet. Maybe that will give you a better idea. Read lots and lots, as much as you can, and try to make your decisions from there.

  • My son is twenty-two months and he get the majority of his nutrition through me. He enjoys eating apples, frozen banana ‘ice cream’, and raisins, and occasionally tries whatever I’m eating. I am mostly raw and he is thriving. Plus I am quite sure it will make it easy for him to be raw.

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    I breastfed my daugher until she was 23 months old, and I never gave her or myself any extra supplements. I had a healthy diet, though not veggie, vegan, or raw. We have always eaten only whole, unprocessed foods. Now that I am raw, she naturally wants to eat what I eats, so when she is with me, she eats ALOT of raw fruits, veggies, & smoothies. My husband and 13 year old son are not raw, only follow the whole foods/no processed foods diet. So, she generally has that for dinner with them while I eat my raw food dinner. I like to give her the choice since we are not all on the same diet as a family. Hope that made sense!

    As far as what to feed her now, my daughter was not interested really in solid foods until well over a year old. I did however always offer her fruits and veggies that were blended until smooth. She also like to sample the occassional cucumber and watermelon, as they felt good on her mouth when she was teething.

  • My daughter is 4 months old and exclusively breastfed. I’m not 100% raw but I do eat a vegan diet. If you eat a balanced diet, you don’t need to take supplements to enrich your milk.

    A good source of B12 in the vegan diet is raw nori.

    Check out the book Baby Greens: A Live-Food Approach For Children of All Ages by Michaela Lynn

  • I also wanted to add that there is a vegan DHA supplement:…

  • Thanks so much for the info. I checked out Baby Greens on Amazon and I’m going to purchase it. It sounds like it has great live-food recipes my toddler will like, and that can only help in her diet!

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