Anyone in North Atlanta?

lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

I’m not so new (2 years raw), but still consider myself “Raw Flawed” as my family and social network live in a cooked world. I’m a HUGE advocate for raw as a Physical Therapist for over 20 years. In my spare time, I teach Pilates, enjoy my weekly beatings in Hot Yoga, spin and run, completing my first ever Marathon in Phoenix last year all raw (scarfing dates and coconut water the whole way). At a fabulous 44, my aches are a thing of the past, I recover quickly, my eyes grew big and clear, any whiff of depression disappeared and I feel there’s nothing I can’t do athletically. Then there’s the matter of my three teens! Life is easy!


  • I am north of Atlanta – I just started a yahoo group for raw resources yesterday because I am having a hard time finding them. I notice that there are things listed online that are defunct, so I am hoping this group will help.

    Do you go to Life Grocery in Marietta? The cafe is the only place in the area I know of with organic living foods…

  • I am downtown right where the TORNADO hit it was so awesome. I love mother nature. Check out for food listing. I go to morningside farmers market for my greens and they are awesome.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I do go to Life Grocery monthly for my cacao and raw cashews. i can’t stomach the $25 nut butters. Other than that Fresh Market now has great local and organics—prices are slightly less than Whole Foods. Come late Spring, i’ve been know to venture further north to some local farmer’s markets. Cane Creek Farm may still have some shares available. Wholes Foods and Harry’s rounds out the week. The BEST place for pantry dry goods, komucha, and raw goat cheeses if you eat them is the Natural Food Warehouse on the Old Alabama Connector in Alpharetta. There are times when the raw almond butter (we eat it) is $6 less than Whole foods! Best for frozen fruit is Whole Foods, even though NFW has a good frozen section. So glad to have you all here! I thought I was alone on my raw island. I’m interested if any of you have been to the raw food meet-up at Life Grocery. I have not gone. Sometimes, i’ve run into some pretty dogmatic “Raw or burn in hell” types so I’ve been soured to the meet-ups. I did have a very nice experience w/ Jackie and Gideon graff @ Whole Foods. They’ve gotten a little better about not going down the “health Minister” route. I have a couple of fallen raw friends here. I love Gone raw. It a wonderfully normal community. I am originally from Boston, moved to ATL 11 years ago!

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