Going cold turkey

Hi I just signed up. I made the descision to go raw during my pregnancy but waited til the baby was born. He’s 2 months now and I decided it was time.

I notice a lot of people don’t go completely raw right away. I wonder if it’s easier that way. As for me, I’ve decided to go cold turkey or maybe I should say cold mock turkey. Anyway this is the beginning of day 3, I have given my self a mental 30 day raw contract in hopes that i won’t want to go back to eating cooked foods.

Right now I’m pretty much stuffing my face with whatever fruits I can get my hands on so i don’t feel hungry. I’ve started trying different recipies for variety. I’m trying not to eat too much nuts but I find myself eating a lot of avocados and bananas. Is this bad? I know these are pretty fatening. Should I limite the amount that I eat?

Any suggestions on how to stay full?

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