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My family isn’t raw…yet :) I want to slowly transition everyone over, but i’m concered about my toddler, she is only 15 months old and not yet talking. For starters she is no longer breastfed, but my two month old is, so i’m concered about what to feed her: she isn’t really into the smoothies, and can’t eat alot of veggies or fruits i.e carrots, lettuce, apples, grapes because of chocking hazards. And i’m also concered about her detoxing and not being able to tell me that she isn’t feeling well. Has anyone switched a child this young to raw? Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • I just started a juice fast and will be going raw next week.. I have similar concerns for my toddlers.. so i look forward to hearing more

  • For avoiding choking, you could mush up the fruit and veggies in a grinder or blender or food processor. Make the consistency a little chunky so that it is not like a smoothie. Or you could make raw soups and adjust to tastes you know your toddler likes.

    I remember cutting up small pieces of veggie and fruit for my daughter when she was a toddler. Anything the size of a pea or smaller will not get caught in their throat, hence avoiding choking.

    Avocados are excellent for toddlers. My daughter ate them like crazy when she first started eating solid food.

    Also, I don’t think a child of 15 months will have much to detox.

  • I feed my daughter(14mo) mostly cooked vegan, not raw vegan. However, here are some of the raw foods she eats:

    -Cucumbers cut up into little cubes(you can get a dicer that cuts things into uniform cubes if it makes it easier.) -Apples and pears, cubed -Oranges in a mesh food feeder -Carrots, celery, jicama, and peppers cut into long, thin strips. She just bites off what she needs -Grapes, cut into quarters -Raspberries, cut into quarters -Peas -Sugar snap peas. I showed her how to open the pods and she pulls the peas out herself -Avocado, right off the spoon

    My daughter avoids my smoothies as well. She’s at the age where she refuses to let me feed her anything soupy or mushy, except for avocados. She has 7 teeth, so she’s pretty good at biting and chewing, so you may wish to skip the carrot stick suggestion depending on how many teeth your daughter has.

    What sort of drinks does she have? If you are concerned about her not breastfeeding, perhaps you could add a pumping time into your day and give it to her in a cup.

  • Justine…Thank you so much…I never once thought of giving my daughter breastmilk for somereason! But that helps solve the other problem i was having! I was worried that she wouldn’t get enough vitamins or minerals (i’ve heard you can lack calcium, b vitamins and vitamin d while raw) which is a big concern when you got a growing baby. But giving her breastmilk will help solve those issues and than i won’t have to give her a icky supplement! Thank you!

  • You might find this blog useful:


    Alex is 2 1/2 and as been raw vegan since birth. Everyday is Mum posts what he eats. Unfortunately, the original blog was deleted by thieves, so you can’t browse any back entries. But this new version is definitely one to keep an eye on for ideas & tips.

  • Well first off, she is only 15 months old, so detox would be mild if any. How was her diet before? Full blown SAD or more like whole foods omnivore? Try making baby foods, if she won’t do smoothies, things like applesauce and of that nature. Good luck!

  • What about raw applesauce? There’s some recipes on this site.

  • She was actually a formula baby from the time she was five months old, because i listened to the stupid doctors and stopped breastfeeding her when i found out i was pregnant again. But than by the time i found out i didn’t have to be so afraid that i would cause one of my children to be malnurioted my milk had already dried up. Thus my worry about her detoxing, because there really isn’t anything much worse to give a child but formula! I will have to try making her applesauce but since she just got her back teeth she won’t eat any smoothies or anything the texture of babyfood…even homemade baby food. but i’m going to definatly check that blog out! I’m glad i’m starting to get more input from different people!

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    My son is 20 months old now, 100% raw his whole life, here a few of his favorite foods. #tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes cut in half#

    berries, any kind, right now we get organic frozen blueberries and just thaw them or soak goji berries

    dates, we get these great organic fresh dates online, we try to limit these as they are so high sugar

    almost any chopped up fruit but pears, bananas and oranges are high on the list

    green smoothies

    hemp seeds by the spoonful

    “cookies” that I make by buzzing up some goji berries and hemp seeds in a coffee grinder then add coconut flakes and enough coconut oil to make it stick together, roll into little balls or cookies and keep in the fridge


    sunflower seed pates and the walnut taco meat from this website

    flax crackers

    granola made by dehydrating a mix of srouted buckwheat, apples, dates and cinnamon

    papaya banana pudding

    DURIAN, he goes mental for this

    Anyway hope that helps and try not to worry about her detoxing, babies bodies are so resiliant and amazing, you should be so proud of yourself for making a conscious decision to feed her the best food ever!

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