Beauty recipes

Could you add a recipe section just for beauty recipes, such as facial masks, perfumes, and shampoos, etc? I would love to be using raw ingredients on my body as well as in it.


  • That’s a good suggestion… I’m curious what everyone else thinks, but it seems to me that you could just use different “tags”, and put those recipes in with the regular “food” ones. So, if you put in one for a raw facial cream, maybe just tag it “beauty” and “cream.” Then put in a picture of you with it on!

    What does everyone think about that? Is it sufficient to just use different tags, but put them in with the rest of the recipes?

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    The tags idea is good.

  • First one is clay mask.It’s wonderful for dry skin.Clay and a little water,put on your skin and leave it until dry up. Wash it up.Done.

  • Great idea. Look fwd to seeing what people post.

  • SOunds good…I dont know how the organization of the site works but if all I have to dois put beuaty and describe I can do that…Also what about Green Cleaners? Same principle for posting?

  • Yeah, the key is definitely using “tags” to categorize your recipe (or beauty product, or cleaner, etc.). You can use any word for a tag, so if you put in a cleaner, you could tag it “household” and “cleaner” perhaps.

  • This is a great idea. Especially since I am into natural eating, healing, beauty and cleaning

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