Juicing and Smoothies

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Lately, I’ve read a few different ideas about juicing. One one hand, I’ve read that smoothies and shakes are ideal (instead of juicing) so that one gets the beneficial fiber with their drink.

On the other, my current read Raw Food Life Force Energy encourages juicing specifically because it separates fiber from the plant:

When we juice fruits and vegetables in a juicer…we separate the fiber from the critical energy of the plant…Remove the fiber and you remove the need to break down the juice; the liquid light energy goes straight to our bloodstream like an intravenous injection.

Any thoughts on this? I’ve been moving towards making more green smoothies and then read the above caption. Now, am wondering if one is more beneficial or if one should simply try to mix in juicing and smoothies.


  • My boyfriend and I do both. We did lots of smoothies before we discovered juicing…but after just a week of juicing, we felt a huge difference physically. I think on a raw food diet one gets PLENTY of fiber as is, so I don’t think its detrimental that you get your fiber through smoothies. We juice at least 5 days a week, and I can’t imagine NOT juicing now!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I’ve been going back and forth between juicing and drinking green smoothies. I like the variety and there are likely benefits in each. What do you do with the fiber that is left after juicing? Is there something that can be made and eaten from that?

  • i’ve seen recipes that call for pulp… carrot pulp for carrot cake, etc. i’ve also heard that it can be frozen for later use, like to flavor soups or pates. i plan to do a little experimenting with that myself, as i have just purchased my first juicer!

  • i roll it up into balls and freez it and give it to the dogs they love it ! carrots apples you name it they eat !

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