Bagged Salads and greens etc....

Do Not eat bagged veggies,I have recently learned how they are sprayedd with chlorine!!!!!!!!!


  • Do you have a reference for this? Is this the same for organic bagged veggies? I rarely consume them but once in a while they are so much more convenient than washing and peeling or cutting especially when at work or while driving.

  • I recently saw this on a raw yahoo group I am on, but the thread got lost so I didnt see a link.

    Do you have a link?

  • I read it in Kevin Trudeau’s book. But if you think about it, bagged greens have a funny smell and taste.

  • I thought it was from the plastic bags.I very rarely buy bagged veggies. I only do it if I’m traveling and thats the best looking vegetable in the store (depending on where I am).

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