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urinary tract infection

hey guys im in much pain right now, am having reoccuring UTI and need much help….so painful.

would you mind giving some advice… it would be very helpful.

i just read that cranberry juice is good because it acidifies the body, inhibiting bacteria growth. but i thought something so comercial and sugary will help bacteria multiply. so confused.


  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hello, sorry to hear you’re in pain, I had this once and made up juices using cranberries and just other veggies with garlic. Lots of herbal teas such as pau d’arco and chamomile are good to flush out the tract. Both these teas are anti-bacterial and soothing. I would use zeolite too. Hope you feel better soon.

  • susannabellajanesusannabellajane Raw Newbie

    Hey girl…I am so sorry. I don’t know where you are located, but here in South Florida I can buy a white powder named D Mannose which works like magic on my urinary tract infections. YOu can order online at http://www.mercola.com/forms/dmannose.htm and I’m sure they can do a rush order if you pay extra.

    D Mannose is a sugar extract and has nothing else added. The e coli responsible for your UTI LOVES D Mannose more than it loves your bladder wall, releases into the urine and is washed out. Dr.s don’t know and don’t care about this product as the pharmecuetical companies can’t make $$ on a sugar extract….so no one is educated about it. Very sad.

    I get bleeding bladder infections and D Mannose stopped the bleeding and most of the pain within 4 hours and cured it all within 3 days. I have friends who swear by it now, especially to ward off an infection in the early stages.

    There have been times though when I need antibiotics and even the D Mannose doesn’t work. My Dr. told me there are dozens of types of e coli and that maybe mannose isn’t attractive to a few of them.

    Anyway….hope you get some and feel better soon!

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    most commercial juices will aid growth of bacterial since they may add sugar and not to mention that they are pasteurized. so it is all empty calories and basically just sugar.

    I would lower your fat intake. even if raw. just lower it fairly low till you come out of the infection. dont eat any processed, pasteurized or cooked foods. Drink lots of water. You want cranberry juice then buy some cranberrys and juice them. Get as many antioxidants flowing thru you as possible. To kick up your immune system. like blue green algae, reishi mushrooms from MushroomScience (best mushrooms products by far), vitamin C in high doses from nano vitamin C or camu camu berrys. and lots of minerals. Kick it up a notch. Also even honey and agave will aid the bacteria growth. i have heard both sides of the story, but when ever i would eat those 2 I could feel the infection getting worse.

    I had a pesky root canal infection and no matter what i bought in supplemental form. it didn’t help. till i dramatically lowered fats. pretty much went to 80 10 10 diet. another great company in leading candida research is teh green willow tree. I listened to an interview once about candida. the lab technician mentioned molecular silver for bladder infections. but did not find it on the green willow site. if you contact them and ask them about it. they can direct you to the company.

    on patricktampone.com i think. should have information about candida. he should have an audio of the interview on his radio show. if you can not find it contact him.

  • i’ve been recovering from a kidney infection that came on suddenly..i used beet juice with celery garlic and ginger and it went away within a few hours…this started me on detox too, so i’ve had 2 weeks off work. do you think the uti is your body retracing old wounds as it heals on raw?

    whatever you do stay away from anything cooked…i made broth, cooked on a very low heat and the pain was right back with avengeance

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I agree with all of the suggestions on top. You could also try some juniper berry tea. Use 1 tbls of ground juniper berries per cup. Steep the crushed berries in water for about 20 mins. Of course if you want it more potent then let them steep for longer. Do not use this for more than 3 weeks. The oils in juniper berries may irritate the kidneys if used excessively. Have a fantastic day!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I’m sorry I forgot to add that wormwood and black do an amazing job at eliminating any bacteria or parasites which are often the cause for inflammation and infection. You can either buy them bulk and make a tea with or you could buy the extract. To save some money I recommend that you make the tea :)

  • Thank you all for replying, and i really apprieciate it. i just unfortunately ate some cooked food, i dont know what made me think i could comfort myself. i just really needed warmth down in my belly. so i ate a normal homecooked meal with rice, tempeh and soy sauce cooked everything. reeping the non-benefits now. i am however trying to fit in as much juice as i can get to flush everything out. so glad you all recovered!

    susannabellajane-a bit broke, things like d mannose and zeolite and such are hard to get i probably would have to order online. but thanks :)

    worleyhimself2- did lowering fats do the trick instantly? how long for? i do eat a significant amount of fats because i’m trying to get in some omegas. they help alot with skin problems.

    alisonwonderful- yeah it probably is tracing because ive had it before raw.

    ive never tried garlic juice….sounds intense!

  • I used to get these all the time, and would treat them with lots of fluid (yes, including cranberry juice) and an herbal supplement – marshmallow root. It is a diuretic (sp?), and it helped to actually force me to pee. That with all the fluid seemed to flush things out.

    Having said that, it was my own experiment, I’m not a naturopath! HTH.

    ps. I found the marshmallow root in capsule form quite readily at my health food store, I don’t think it was expensive.

  • Lady Le HarleLady Le Harle Raw Newbie

    Hello there:) I used to have re-ocurring bladder and kidney infections. From time to time I still get the odd ‘sting’ in the morning if I have not had enough fluids the day before, or if I allow myself to feel emotionally/physically drained by others. It never seems to develop into a full blown uti anymore though – it seems to act as a warning bell to change something in my life/mind. So, here is me action plan list:) - DRINK FLUIDS (pure water, diluted apple cider vinegar, various teas help – nettle, pau d’arco, yarrow, Horesetail – basically anything that is a diuretic but is non acidic will help your bladder to flush things out) Do not, I repeat!!!! DO NOT drink commercial cranberry juice. It is loaded with sugar (which leads me to my next point) sugar feeds the bacteria clinging to your bladder. - CUT OUT ADDED SUGARS IMMEDIATELY, just for a small time until things are back on track. A small amount of fruit like apples and pears is ok. Eat Celery, parsely, raw garlic (lots), raw ginger (lots) -AVOID COFFEE, CHILLI, COMMERCIAL CHOCOLATE, highly acidic foods, heavy, spicy and fatty foods too. These will strain your system and feed the stinging feeling that is going on. Opt for more peaceful, diuretic, soothing and calming foods, also go with your intuition on what to put in your mouth:)

    - If you can get some, massage your bladder area and your back area around your kidneys with diluted juniper berry essential oil, and/or bergamot oil. The Juniper oil really helped me. I ended up putting a few drops in a handful of carrier oil or body moisturiser and massaging my whole body and then getting into bed and resting for as long as possible. You need to rest and keep warm in order for your immune system to kick back in. Try to prop your body up a little as lying on your back allows the bacteria to spread upwards faster. - WATCH FUNNY MOVIES!!!!! Laugh as much as you possible can. In bed under a cosy blanket is the best place to do this. If you can, try not to be busy and get on with things, rest rest rest:) - FEEL AS IF THE HEALING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Imagine love and all things good being allowed to enter your bladder and show the bacteria who is boss!! I close my eyes and allow my mind to wander into thankfulness, that my body is so good and strong and for the amazing healing that is happening right now. It makes me feel much better.

    I hope this helps! I am always here is you need anymore advice. I used to cry evertime I got one as they used to come everyweek when I was a teenager at school, I would bleed and end up in the emergency ward sometimes if it spread to my kidneys, was constantly on antibiotics, and felt as if my life was controlled by my weak bladder. UNTIL!!! I took control of my health. The minor tingles come few and far between and I am glad to say that I havent had a uti in years.

    Love and hugs and good vibes being sent from New Zealand. Rebecca. Xx

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    Cranberrys work the best for me.

  • edfrancisedfrancis Raw Newbie

    Hi ,

           You can have these diet to prevent UTI.

    1.Avoid foods and drinks rich in sugar. Reduce the intake of sugar, soft drinks, concentrated sweet fruit drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
    2.Other foods to avoid are processed foods, spicy foods, fats, dairy products, red meats and shellfish. These foods are acid-forming (not to be mistaken with acid tasting food like the citrus fruits). Acidity formed from these foods increase the bacterial infection.
    3.Eat fermented foods yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, sourdough breads and apple cider vinegar.
    4.Drink juices high in vitamin C especially grapefruit.
    5.Eat foods high in vitamin A .
    6.Foods high in zinc may also help by producing white blood cells and eliminating bacteria. Some of the best sources of zinc are oysters, ginger, beef liver, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, egg yolks, peanuts, oats, almonds.
    7.Drink cranberry juice.
    Drink a glass of fresh cranberry or blueberry juice first thing in the morning and wait at least half an hour before you have something to eat. This drink is helpful for prevention of UTI.


  • alexm2260alexm2260 Raw Newbie

    I've had the best luck with Cystex products. When I do get utis I use their otc uti medication, Cystex Urinary Pain Relief tablets. But since I suffer from chronic painful utis I decided to start taking something preventative daily. They make a Urinary Health Maintenance product you can take daily. It has cranberry, D-Mannose, amongst other beneficial ingredients that help promote healthy urinary tracts and I've definitely seen improvement from using it daily; I definitely get less infections overall. Highly recommend it, and hopefully this information helps!

  • danielpatrikdanielpatrik Raw Newbie

    So sorry to hear you are in pain. One of the first things to do when you have a urinary tract infection is drink up plenty of water. For a healthy urinary tract, pack up on vitamin C. When you have UTI, cut out on spicy food, caffeine, alcohol. Focus on foods that will heal you like high fiber carbohydrates.

  • aToolfanaToolfan Raw Newbie

    D-Mannose is great, yes. Cranberry extract too. Cranberry juice is near worthless, so get a concentrated extract.

    The real cure for permanent UTI cure is to use a variety of Standard Process supplements. This has worked for several women in my family and for a few friends at work. Suggested to me by Dr. Bruce West.

    A weakness of the cells in the urinary tract lining is the cause. The condition is made worse by drugs, prescription and over the counter. With the lining compromised, bacteria can embed themselves in deeply. Anti-acids are also bad for UTI patients and must be eliminated.

    The remedy will rebuild the tract lining and you won't ever have the issue again, promise! ;) From Standard Process company obtain the following supplements:

    1. A-C Carbamide (12 tablets daily)

    2. Cataplex A-C (6 daily)

    3. Arginex (6 daily)

    4. Albaplex (6 daily)

    Take with meals in equally divided doses. If you currently have an issue and are on anti-biotics (anti-life) take Prosynbiotic ( or any other quality probiotics). Drink plenty of clean water, with no fluoride or chlorine (kills good bacteria). Good luck, this protocol will work for you. Some of the SP products can be found online. If not, most chiropractors or natural physicians sell them. Last resort, subscribe to Dr. West's newsletter (fantastic!) and buy from his store. I am not affiliated with Dr. West's business, but am a huge fan. God bless and good luck.

    P.S. Agree with lots of good advice above.

  • if you are persian you can read this blog in our site about urinary tract infection

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  • patvosspatvoss Raw Newbie

    Hi, I hope you're feeling better by the time you're reading this. It's my understanding that cranberry juice has a compound in it that keeps the bacteria from sticking to the sides of the urinary tract. Lakewood Organics sells an unsweetened cranberry juice, but even if you can't get that brand, look for the best available to you, even if you have to swallow some sugar (!) - it's such an effective, time-tested treatment.

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